The Most Popular Kitchen Gadget In Florida Is Functional And Practical

Most kitchens in the United States have a similar roundup of tools. They usually have blenders, toasters, coffee makers, ice machines, pressure cookers, and air fryers, to name a few. But that doesn't mean there aren't regional differences in how people define kitchen efficiency. And that's why, as 2021 wrapped up, Surety First combed through Google Trends data to determine the most popular kitchen gadgets based on searches.

According to their findings, the most popular kitchen gadget to reign supreme in the United States wasn't the air fryer, Instant Pot, or a high-speed blender. It was the crockpot, with a total of three states actively searching for the term over the past 12 months. Also on the roster were a hodgepodge of quirky, standalone gadgets unique to each state. Arkansas was obsessed with Googling ice cream makers, Ohio searched for the perfect sandwich cutter, and Connecticut was curious about sushi makers. But you'll never guess what nifty gadget Florida wanted the most.

Florida pops off for cooking lids

Drumroll, please. Florida's hottest kitchen tool is the universal lid. According to Surety First, this stainless steel tool is "really only universal if you're living in a universe where the only lids in existence are found on differing pots and pans." But for civilians of the Sunshine State, it's fair to assume this tool has everything, in that it has multiple grooves to cover any size of cookware perfectly. In that way, it maximizes efficiency and eases cooking anxiety. Which is great, especially when you realize that your Dutch oven lid is missing in action while making a slow-cooked stew recipe. 

The universal lid is also great for when you're cramped on physical kitchen space and need to keep a lean, streamlined assemblage of tools. Since it's heat-resistant, it efficiently covers various types of cookware material and resists lower and higher cooking temperatures (via Gadget Review). Now show us another tool that can do that! Florida's kitchen mantra could be "work harder, not smarter" or something along those lines. The universal lid can fit it all.