Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Facing Backlash Over This Now-Deleted Tweet

Many people around the world are hitting their internal reset button following the gluttonous holiday season by embarking on Dry January, which means that they won't be drinking alcohol for the first month of the year. Apparently, at least one staffer at the beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) has feelings on the matter. On January 3, the company's official Twitter account posted a now-deleted tweet that read, "Not drinking this January? Try eating a**!" as shown in a screenshot by sports journalist Steve Warne on Twitter.

Though the tweet had only a short tenure before it was taken down, the damage was done. It racked up about 1,000 retweets and more than 2,000 likes — and, as can be expected in regard to a tweet about a not-so-high-end beer, the comments section really came to play. One person replied, "PBR or a**? What's the difference?" to which PBR added fuel to the fire with a reply that simply read, "Ask your mom." Safe to say that someone at the company got grounded for that one...or worse.

PBR's response to the controversial tweet

For PBR, 2022 isn't off to the best start since the brand had to take down the profane tweets and issue an apology. "We apologize about the language and content of our recent tweets," PBR's vice president of marketing Nick Reely said in a statement shared with Adweek immediately afterward. "The tweets in question were written in poor judgment by one of our associates." Reely then went on to tell Adweek that the matter is being handled "internally." Based on social media conversation about the incident, BroBible suspects that the associate responsible was fired. Ad Age reported via Twitter that that person was a "rogue employee."

Although some people certainly were surprised or even offended by the tweets, other users felt that they were "hilarious" and "perfectly on brand" for PBR. One comment by @blazemaxim said, "Bring this employee back and give them a raise." Another year, another disagreement on social media.