Jack In The Box Took A Dig At McDonald's And Facebook Is Loving It

Social media beef between restaurant chains is real. For example, Dunkin' and Wendy's Twitter war over the latter's spicy nuggets had the whole Internet scrambling for sides. Or, on a more local level, just take a look at this feud between a McDonald's and a Starbucks located right next to one another in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Of course, these fights online evolve from competition off of social media. Though Jack in the Box is definitely smaller in scale than McDonald's, having locations in less than half of the 50 states, its supporters really show up for it (via Jack in the Box). For example, on this Reddit thread created by @JaydenOdegaard, the user argued that the smaller chain was very much underrated. They stated that "the burger compared to McDonalds was suprising, the burgers pattie was way bigger than McDonalds and of course it was delicious, almost as delicious as Applebees."

But on January 5, Jack in the Box stood up for itself in a Facebook post.

Jack in the Box took a blow at two renowned McDonald's phrases

If you didn't already know, Jack in the Box's social media team is a huge fan of memes. On its Twitter account, there are references to the upcoming Batman movie that will be released in 2022 and Spider-Man: No Way Home that was released last year.

Therefore, it was only on-brand that its most recent social media dig at McDonald's was also accompanied by a meme. The meme, posted both to its Facebook and Twitter accounts, showed a car coasting down the highway, while two massive trucks veer off the road behind it. The car is labeled "Jack in the Box," while the two trucks have the overlaying text "Sorry our ice cream machine is broken" and "Sorry we don't serve breakfast after 10am." This meme is a clear dig at McDonald's, whose customers are often faced with the universal experience of being told one of these two things.

Whether or not you enjoy Jack in the Box's food better than McDonald's, you have to admit, this post was definitely a win for its social media team.