25 Of The Most Expensive Tequilas In The World

While it might originate in Mexico, tequila is a popular alcohol around the world. In fact, according to IMARC Group, the value of the global tequila market in 2020 approached $11 billion. Whether you've toured an agave field south of the border or just love to celebrate the weekend with a margarita, you no doubt have a favorite tequila brand — or several. Tequila, like all spirits, comes in a wide variety of types and price levels. You could make endless cocktails with a bottle of Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila, or indulge in a pricier bottle that's designed to be sipped slowly without any mixers or salt.

The Spirits Business reports that the high-end tequila market is becoming particularly lucrative. The ever-increasing number of pricey options range from three-figure splurges to multi-million dollar rarities. If you're considering spending some serious coin on a bottle or simply want to do some window shopping, check out this list of the most expensive tequilas in the world.

Patrón Estate Release

Patrón is perhaps the most notable name in the upscale tequila category. While you may be familiar with the brand's popular core lineup, the spirits company also sells several pricier, higher-end bottles. One such tequila is the Patrón Estate Release which retails for around $100. While that is far more expensive than Patrón Silver, it is a relatively affordable option compared to some of the other tequilas you'll find on this list (including a few more releases from Patrón). 

This bottle is a limited-edition silver tequila that was made from agave grown at Hacienda Patrón, the brand's distillery located in Atotonilco el Alto, Mexico. It's described as smooth and sweet, with herbal and citrus notes and a floral and black pepper finish. The bottle features Patrón's signature curved shape, while the vintage-look label includes a sketch of the historic Hacienda Patrón. This is a great tequila for sipping straight or for mixing with other quality ingredients. Tequila lovers looking for a higher-end option but shopping on a budget will enjoy this unique bottle.

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado

This tequila stands out for its unique and beautiful bottle. Clase Azul Tequila Reposado is housed in a handmade white ceramic decanter. Each bottle is painted by hand with a "feathered" design in bright cobalt blue. The brand calls the decanter its "most recognized icon." Each one is handmade by a Mexican artisan. 

Inside the decanter is Clase Azul's ultra-premium reposado tequila. It's made from slow-cooked, 100% blue Weber agave that's aged for eight months in American whiskey casks. According to Clase Azul, the flavor profile includes notes of hazelnut and vanilla with hints of agave syrup. Agave syrup also shows up in the aroma along with candied orange peel, American oak, and even hints of banana bread.

This premium tequila retails for around $160. Considering Clase Azul has another bottle on this list goes for more than 10 times the price, the reposado offers a great introduction to this premium tequila brand without breaking the bank.

El Tesoro Extra Añejo

A lesser-known brand of tequila, El Tesoro stands out for it's hand-crafted take on traditional tequila. La Alteña, the distillery that produces El Tesoro, was founded in 1937 in the highlands of Jalisco. The distillery claims that the location's mineral-rich soil and high altitudes result in agave that's fruity and floral, creating unique flavors in their tequila.

Many of El Tesoro's tequilas are affordable, with some bottles, including their El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, coming in at under $50. El Tesoro Extra Añejo is a special blend from the producer. Made to honor Master Distiller Carlos Camerena's father, Felipe J., it's slow-aged in American oak bourbon barrels for between four and five years. According to El Tesoro, this gives the tequila notes of chocolate and coffee, with hints of dry fruits and roasted almonds. 

This tequila has won a number of awards, including a Double Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge in 2019. A bottle retails for around $160.  

Don Julio 1942

Created to celebrate 60 years of tequila making for Don Julio Gonzales, the founder of the popular Don Julio brand, this special edition tequila is produced in small batches, and is popular in fancy bars, nightclubs, and restaurants around the world (via Liquor.com). Don Julio 1942 is an añejo tequila and is beloved for exhibiting notes of oak and spice as well its incredibly smooth finish. With a price tag around $175, it is a relatively affordable bottle, at least compared to others on this list. This makes it a great choice for those new to tequila or anyone looking for a special occasion sipping tequila to display proudly on your home bar.

The striking, tall, thin design of this bottle (which is presented in a luxury display box) sets it apart from other tequilas produced by Don Julio (including one later on this list), which tends to be stout with a wide base and narrow neck. 

Tears of Llorona No. 3 Extra Añejo Tequila

The name alone is enough to set Tears of Llorona No. 3 Extra Añejo Tequila apart from others on this list. It's inspired by the story of "La Llorona," or "The One Who Cries," which tells the tale of a beautiful young woman who goes mad when she discovers that her husband has been unfaithful, and subsequently wanders throughout Mexico, shedding her tears of bitterness and regret.

Created by Master Distiller German Gonzalez Gorrochotegui, this tequila is unique for a big reason; it's produced by only the distiller. This means that it's a very small batch production, and can be difficult to procure. Another feature of this unique tequila is the special lid. Instead of a cork, there is a re-sealing latching top. Rather than a traditional label, the writing on this bottle appear in hand-written font, lending a unique and personal touch to every bottle. Take a sip, and you'll enjoy notes of caramel, custard, agave, dark chocolate, and more. If you're lucky enough to find a bottle, expect to pay around $240, though resale prices may be much higher.

Casa Dragones Joven

It's been over a decade since Casa Dragones Joven first made waves. Launched in 2009, the sleek bottle, with it's simple label, signature black ribbon around the neck, and bright blue boxquickly gained a cult following. (Forbes described it as the "tastemakers' top tequila.")  With just 12,000 bottles initially produced, it proved to be a tough tequila to find ... unless you had a ticket to the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party where it was poured for the lucky guests.

Now, over a decade later, Casa Dragones Joven continues to be a popular choice among tequila lovers. One of the reasons this tequila first gained popularity was that it is good for sipping. It's flavor is smooth and soft, with subtle hints of vanilla, pear, and spices. Today, Casa Dragones Joven is easier to come across, but continues to be a pricey buy. A bottle retails for over $300.

Casa Herradura Selección Suprema Tequila

Casa Herradura is one of the oldest tequila producers in Mexico. Founded in 1870 in the birthplace of tequila, the brand stakes claim to crafting the first reposado tequila and the first extra añejo tequila. They continue to use the same hand-built clay ovens built over a century ago to cook the agave for their tequilas.

The agave that goes into each bottle of Casa Herradura Selección Suprema Tequila is no exception. This tequila is Casa Herradura's most ultra-rested line. This means that it's the smoothest drinking tequila they offer. It's aged for over four years in white oak barrels. The result is a rich and dark amber tequila with tasting notes of agave, spice, and floral notes.

The finished tequila is placed in a stout, clear bottle with the brand's signature horseshoe. It is presented in a unique box that opens barn–door style at the front, with the bottle resting in a small, built-in shelf. If you can resist sipping it yourself, the bottle would be great for gifting. Retail for this one is around $300.

Gran Patrón Platinum Tequila

Another popular luxury Patrón option is the Gran Patrón Platinum Tequila. A silver tequila, this pricey bottle is triple distilled and aged in oak. This creates a smooth, full-bodied flavor with hints of citrus and other fruits. Though it's produced to be sipped, it can make for some decadent cocktails as well. The tequila is made from 100% blue Weber agave that rests for 30 days in oak tanks, located at the Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico.

Each crystal bottle of Gran Patrón Platinum Tequila is hand-numbered and housed in a beautiful case. The inside of the hard-shell box features a bit of history about how each bottle is produced. A standard bottle goes for around $190, and you can also find it in half-sized 375-milliliter bottles as well. But, if you want to make a big impression, track down a 1.75-liter bottle of Gran Patrón Platinum, which retails for over $400

Rey Sol Añejo Tequila

If you're someone who loves to decorate your bar with unique and beautiful bottles, you'll definitely want to snap up this tequila. Rey Sol Añejo Tequila is bottled in a sun-shaped decanter with a smiling, mustachioed face. The unique design is courtesy of famous Mexican artist Sergio Bustamente.

The tequila within the bottle is a work of art, too. It's created using traditional methods of production and is aged for six years before it makes its way into the sun-shaped container. Open the bottle, and pour yourself a taste straight. You'll notice a dominant flavor of oak, with lingering hints of chocolate and almond. It's smooth and rich, and a popular sip among tequila enthusiasts.

Unlike other brands, Rey Sol produces only a select few tequilas, with their Rey Sol Añejo Tequila being the most popular option. A bottle retails for around $260 if you can find it.

Don Julio Real Tequila

This tequila is one that's likely to increase rapidly in value, as the distillery discontinued production of it in 2021 (via SpiritedZine). Don Julio is known for making higher-end, premium tequilas. Even more exclusive than Don Julio 1942 is Don Julio Real. This small batch tequila was aged for three to five years in American white oak barrels and made from the best of the brand's estate-grown agave. 

Also like Don Julio 1942, Don Julio Real also comes in a unique bottle. It features a decanter shape, with silver agave leaves wrapped around the base and an agave-shaped stopper at the top. If you can find the bottle on a store shelf, expect it to retail for just under $400. But if you're buying it on the resale market, expect the price to be higher. But is it worth the price of admission? Reviewers on Total Wine's website tend to think so, with one calling it "the Bentley of all tequilas" and others claiming it's the best tequila they've ever tried.  

Três-Quatro-Cinco Tequila

Also known as Tequila 3-4-5, Tres-Quatro-Cinco Tequila is an extra añejo tequila, meaning that it has been aged for more than three years. In this case, per Sip Tequila, the contents of this bottle is actually made up of a special blend of three tequilas: 30% of the blend is a 3-year aged tequila, 40% is a 4-year aged tequila, and 30% is a 5-year aged tequila.

The blend was produced by Master Distiller Enrique Fonseca. All three tequilas come together to create a unique flavor combination. You'll get notes of chocolate and caramel, as well as oak and pepper, with a fruity, coffee finish.

Another unique detail of this special tequila is the bottle. It features an incredibly narrow, delicate neck that stretches far above a tall base. A bottle can be purchased for around $400, but be warned that it's a small batch production, which can make it difficult to find in most liquor stores.

Gran Patrón Burdeos

This beautifully crafted bottle topped with an intricate silver insect design will certainly turn heads when placed on your home bar. Made in very limited quantities, Gran Patrón Burdeos is twice distilled and aged in used American oak barrels, and then in new French oak barrels. Finally, the tequila is finished in a vintage Bordeaux wine barrel. This gives Gran Patrón Burdeos its signature dark amber color.

The taste is classically smooth, and described by the distillery as being velvety, with hints of vanilla and raisins. It would be a shame to use this one for cocktails — though, of course, if you invest in a bottle (which will set you back around $500), you're free to drink it however you like!

Believe it or not, this isn't Patrón's most luxurious offering on this list; there are still two more bottles that are even pricier.

Herradura 150 Anniversario Extra Añejo Tequila

Special edition tequilas often carry a high price tag for several reasons, among them, the extra care or unique flavor profile compared to other tequilas from the same distiller, and the limited production of that bottle, which increases the value among collectors and tequila enthusiasts. This bottle checks both of those boxes. The Herradura 150 Aniversario Extra Añejo Tequila was a one-time production, released in 2020 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Tequila Herradura. This tequila has been aged for 100 months, creating a uniquely mature and complex spirit. The bottle is a departure from Tequila Herradura's signature short square bottle with a large horseshoe on the label. Instead, this bottle is rounded, with an almost-apple shape. It also features a bold blue label that sets it apart from other tequilas they offer.

If you're lucky enough to find this limited-run bottle, which is priced at around $500, it's a great addition to a tequila collection. Crack it open to enjoy a taste of 150 years of experience creating amazing tequila. 

Fuenteseca 21 Years Old Vintage 1993 Extra Añejo Tequila

When distiller Enrique Fonesca conceived this bottle, his goal was to craft the world's longest-aged tequila. Starting with agave that had been planted in 1984, he harvested his crop in 1993, then distilled and laid into barrel his production the following year. For the first 10 years, the casks were stored in a dry room in the lower-altitude town of Atotonilco el Alto. Then, they were moved to a higher altitude, in Jalisco, where they were allowed to age for an additional 11 years.

This special tequila was finally bottled in 2014. Today, a bottle from this special production approaches the four-figure mark. If that is out of your price range, note that the Fuenteseca 21 Years Old Vintage 1993 Extra Añejo Tequila isn't the distiller's only extra-aged spirit, according to Sip Tequila. You may want to consider more "affordable" options like the Fuenteseca Reserva Extra Anejo 8-year, which is a good alternative at around $255 a bottle.

Deleón Leona Añejo Tequila

Deleón Tequila may be a lesser-known name in the world of tequilas, but dedicated aficionados are familiar with the brand's core trio of offerings. Two of the options, Deleón Resposado and Deleón Blanco, cost $30 or less per bottle. The third, Deleón Añejo, costs around $60. But their special, limited edition bottling has earned its place on this list of the world's most expensive tequilas.

Deleón Leona Añejo Tequila is the distiller's premier spirit. This limited production tequila is aged for 24 months in special Sauternes barrels and made from pure water from three natural spring wells on the distillery's property. The texture of this tequila has been compared to a smooth cognac.

This short, square bottle features one of Deleón's signature intricate toppers. While a bottle will set you back around $1,000, it comes in a special presentation box and includes a beautiful flask so that you can bring a sip of this special tequila with you wherever you go.

Clase Azul Tequila Ultra

Another beautiful bottle from the Clase Azul family that's earned a spot on the list of pricey tequilas is the Clase Azul Tequila Ultra. This extra añejo is the distiller's crown jewel tequila. It takes 14 years to produce from the start of production. The tequila is first aged in American whiskey casks before being finished in Spanish sherry casks. The result is a dark amber tequila with copper highlights and a full body. According to Clase Azul, you'll notice hints of dried plum, caramel, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon.

A sharp contrast from the delicate white and blue artwork of the Clase Azul Reposado Tequila, this premium tequila comes in a matte black decanter that's decorated in three different metals, including platinum, silver, and 24-carat gold. Skilled artisans apply the metals to the black decanter nearly blind because the metal-laced paint doesn't reveal itself in full until after the ceramic decanter has been fired in a kiln. Each bottle is intricately painted and unique, and certainly a keepsake, even long after the bottle is empty.

Each bottle is carefully housed in a display box. This is a limited production tequila, and bottles typically start at around $1,600, though they may run higher from some sellers.

1800 Colección

You may be familiar with the 1800 brand which has a wide variety of types of tequilas to choose from, most of which are priced anywhere from $25 to $200 a bottle. But they also have a lesser-known and tough-to-find super-premium tequila that only the most dedicated collectors are likely to know about.

1800 Colección extra añejo tequila has been produced several times, though it's only been released for years when the distiller claims it's had its best production. Its extremely low production for each release makes it one of the rarest tequilas in the world (via Robb Report). Each time the Colección is produced, it's bottled in a unique and beautiful custom-designed decanter. The most recent edition was designed and created by artist Gary Baseman, who has also collaborated with major brands like Coach. 

Beyond being far pricier than your average bottle of tequila, this one is also tough to find — according to Robb Report, only 40 bottles were created for the 2013 release. Needless to say, this bottle is tough to find, but if you're willing to shell out $2,340.99, it can be yours, as of this writing, from Shared Pour.  

Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario

Some Jose Cuervo products, like Jose Cuervo Especial, get a bad rep. The distiller's Especial isn't a true tequila and is instead a "mixto," which means that it has been blended with another spirit, such as grain alcohol. But this doesn't mean that you should write off the brand entirely.

José Cuervo 250 Aniversario may be made by the same distiller, but you certainly won't find anything but pure tequila in these bottles. This ultra-aged tequila is made from 100% blue agave, all of which come from a single crop field. The tequila initially sits in French and American oak barrels. It is then combined with tequila from the demijohns of the distillery's cellar. The blend spends an additional year in Spanish sherry barrels, and the final result is a smoky tequila with notes of sherry and bright citrus. 

The smooth premium tequila is bottled in a short, rounded decanter with a beautiful clear glass topper and a simple label marking Jose Cuervo's 250th anniversary. If you can find this special edition bottling, the price will be in the range of around $2,300.

Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio

Considering that the last release and sale of this unique and expensive tequila took place in 2001, this is one bottle that's tough to find. According to Tequila.net, Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio is an añejo tequila that was produced as a limited edition run between 1998 and 2001. It's made from 100% blue agave and was aged in small, 100-liter casks, which were made from a variety of unique wood varieties.

In 1998 and 2001, some of these bottles were labeled as 100% Blue Agave Spirits, while some of the 2001 production bottles were labeled simply Tequila. In total, only 3,000 bottles were produced.

This special tequila bottle is easy to spot for its tall, slender shape and bright sun-like logo. The bottles were housed in a tall blue ceramic canister with a metal clasp to hold it closed. Each bottle was originally priced at around $2,000, though the resale values on these rare bottles are likely much higher today.

AsomBroso Del Porto Extra Añejo

Another unique — and expensive — tequila is AsomBroso del Porto Extra Añejo. This tequila spends even more time in the barrel than the previously mentioned 11 year offering — this one is aged for more than 12 years in double barrels imported from Portugal. With a silky smooth texture, this tequila begins as AsomoBroso's Anejo 5 Gran Reserva, which is aged for an additional six years in those special Portuguese port barrels.

If you're looking for a bottle that's as rare as the drink it holds, this tequila would make for a great addition to your home bar. This tequila is bottled in a unique, short, curved bottle, with intricate glass patterns on the bottom that resemble colorful flattened glass beads. Termed a "decanter" by the distiller, the bottle is actually a reproduction of a crystal decanter discovered by the distiller in an 18th-century castle in Europe. It took the distiller and an Italian artist more than 2 years to recreate the decanter, and each one is handmade by the same artist today.

Your bottle will arrive nestled in a wooden humidor with a dial for an extra special touch. While this special tequila bottle and humidor usually retails for $4,000, it is, as of writing, on sale for the low low price of $1,800.  

Patrón x Guillermo Del Toro Añejo Tequila

Film mastermind Guillermo del Toro and Patrón came together to create this unique collaboration. While Patrón tackled the production of the spirit, the filmmaker helped to create the dramatic presentation that is a big part of what makes this tequila so special.

The tequila is an extra añejo that's actually a blend of several aged tequilas, each of which spent around five years in oak barrels. The finished product features notes of dry fruit, nuts, and vanilla, with an oak and agave finish. While the tequila itself is a cut above, it's the complete package that makes this a coveted purchase for collectors.

Each bottle of Patrón x Guillermo Del Toro Añejo Tequila comes in a special presentation box, which features dramatic artwork and opens to reveal the bottle and other items housed in a carved red skeleton piece. In addition to your tequila bottle, you'll also receive a skull-shaped bottle of sweet, dark liquor that's designed to be mixed with the tequila to create new and unique flavors. The tequila itself comes in an upside-down bottle shaped like the ribs of the skeleton. Also included is a set of specialty shot glasses. The bundle originally sold for $399 when it was released it 2017, but now carries a $5,000 price tag from some retailers. 

Patrón En Lalique: Serie 2 Tequila

Another unique special edition Patrón tequila is the Patrón En Lalique: Serie 2 Tequila. The second iteration of this limited-run series, this bottle was a collaboration between Patrón tequila and the lavish luxury French crystal brand Lalique.

The tequila housed in this beautiful bottle has been aged for eight years in a combination of American oak, French oak, and sherry barrels. The result is a smooth tequila with notes of sweet honey, light agave, and fruit.

Thanks to the unique collaboration, the bottle this tequila comes in is just as special as the tequila itself. The crystal decanter is carefully cut and features a beautiful sunburst topper. Each bottle comes in a wooden box with a door that slides open to reveal this special bottle.

A bottle of Patrón En Lalique: Serie 2 Tequila will set you back about $7,500. If you're someone who enjoys drinking rather than simply collecting special tequilas, this may be for you — the beautiful decanter will make for a special addition to your home bar and collection, even after the tequila is gone.

Tequila Ley .925 Ultra-Premium

Tequila Ley .925 Ultra-Premium is a unique — and expensive — tequila that's a favorite among collectors. Aged for six years, this tequila is best known for its unique bottle (via Tequila.net). It comes in a one-liter size and looks like pounded silver, with sharp, sun-beam-like protrusions on either side. The bottle is designed by artist Fernando Altamirano, who is also the CEO of Ley .925.

Tequila Ley actually produces four standard varieties of tequila, including a blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo. While those all fall under the $100 mark, the brand's limited edition offerings such as this tequila are astronomically more expensive. (In fact, you'll find another tequila by this distiller further down this list.) The Tequila Ley .925 Ultra-Premium has actually been produced several times, with different varieties of bottles and tequila. According to Tequila.net, the Project MX33 edition costs $225,000, but note that the bottle is made with platinum and gold.

Clase Azul 15th Anniversary Edition

Yet another bottle of Clase Azul has landed its own spot on the list of the world's most expensive tequilas. This bottle stands out from the others previously mentioned though, thanks to its 5-figure price tag. The Clase Azul 15th Anniversary Edition tequila was produced to celebrate the distiller's 15th year in business.

Each distinctive ceramic decanter of Clase Azul tequila is hand-painted by one of more than 100 local artists. In the case of this special bottle for Clase Azul's 15th anniversary, each bottle was hand-decorated with hundreds of amber stones (via CNN). The bottles come in a beautifully patterned case that features 24-carat gold inlay.

Just 15 of these bottles were produced, which is likely one reason for the high price tag. The bottles originally sold for $30,000. However, when they were produced, they were not sold in the U.S. and were instead only available in Mexico. If you're looking for an extra special addition to your collection, in 2019 Case Azul released a 15-bottle collection that each featured one bottle of the Clase Azul 15th Anniversary tequila (via Forbes). The collections cost a whopping $450,000, and only two were available for sale.

Tequila Ley .925 Diamante

Tequila Ley .925's infamous Ley Diamante is more than just the most expensive tequila in the world; it's also the most exclusive. Just one bottle of this unique tequila. and the unique decanter that's held in, was ever produced. The tequila itself, while a premium variety, isn't overly unique. It's been aged for seven years and is produced from 100% agave distilled by Hacienda La Capilla. However, it's the bottle itself that drives the value of this tequila up so high. Designed by artist Fernando Altamirano, it's made of platinum and weighs more than 5 pounds. It's also covered in more than 4,000 diamonds, which total 328 carats. 

The bottle made waves in 2010 when it was revealed (via CultureMap). At that time, it started a tour of Europe and the Middle East before being placed on the auction block. According to Crib Supreme, it carried a price tag of $3.5 million and was carried by private jet during its tour and on its arrival at the auction. To put the price of this ultra-exclusive bottle into perspective, a 1-ounce shot would cost you around $73,000.