The Surprising Reason Wagamama's Tea Mugs Are Disappearing

Literary giant Oscar Wilde once said, per Brainy Quote, "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about," but we're thinking the Japanese-themed restaurant chain, Wagamama, might beg to differ.

Green tea, the complimentary beverage traditionally served in beautiful Japanese-style tea mugs, appears to be going through a transition at Wagamama restaurants across Britain. Instead of the usual beautiful green ceramic cup, you may find your tea is served in a simple glass or generic mug– and the reason is criminal.

TikTok users have taken to social media to post the theft of the popular teacups. One user posted a TikTok video sharing, what seems to be, the theft of the mug. The video is captioned, "When you see the green tea cups at Wagamamas," followed by a voiceover by comedian Chris Klemens saying "you're coming home with me!" 

The cups have been disappearing from the Asian-themed restaurant chain and showing up on social media as prized Wagamama loot. TikTok user, izziallard, proudly displayed what she captions "the haul" which shows three cups, a wooden noodle soup spoon, and a sake cup with the trending "you're coming home with me!" voiceover. 

A TikTok trend with a negative impact

According to METRO, restaurants across the UK are out of mugs, and these viral videos are to blame. Many Wagamama's have even resorted to using small Nespresso mugs and one Twitter user is annoyed, posting, "Can't believe so many selfish customers at Wagamama were stealing the cute green tea cups that they have to use these ugly plastic ones... Now I can't steal a green tea cup for myself."

The love affair Wagamama fans have with the ceramic green tea mugs is not new. Over the years, customers have taken to social media to express their love for the cups and try to push the restaurant into revealing where the cups come from. "I love the green tea they serve at @wagamama_uk the cups are adorable," tweets one diner back in 2015. A more recent user writes, "@wagamama_uk where do you get these beautiful green tea cups and can I get some? It's been a frustrating mystery for years. I can't find 'em." 

Not everyone has bought into the thieving trend, as this Twitter user pointed out: "There's a TikTok (sic) going round of students stealing s**t from Wagamama which is all well and good but when you can't get your free green tea because you've nicked all the cups, who you gonna complain to?" 

Sounds like it's time to start a new TikTok trend — this time showing Wagamama regulars returning their stolen teacups.