Real Housewife Wants To Combat This 'Stigma' With Non-Alcoholic Rose

From seeing what trendy restaurants the ladies lunch at to what fabulous vacation outfits they wear for those infamous dinners and which misguided nonchalant comment is going to turn the whole season into an all-out war, there are so many reasons to watch "Real Housewives of New York City." The show is so entertaining, and we're here for it. One interesting aspect of the show has always been the products the Housewives decide to launch with their reality-star fame.

The stars of RHONY have put out a lot of merchandise over the years, and launch parties have become a somewhat frequent occurrence in the series. Not to miss out on the potentially lucrative opportunity, Luann de Lesseps has created a non-alcoholic wine. According to the product's website, Fosé Rosé is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, and according to a recent interview de Lesseps has a special purpose in mind for her new drink.

Luann de Lesseps hopes Fosé can help erase the stigma of choosing not to drink

For fans of "The Real Housewives of New York City," Luann de Lesseps' move to create a non-alcoholic drink may not come as a surprise. Some may recall de Lesseps' affinity for non-alcoholic rosé and her announcement of entering the beverage industry on the Season 13 finale (via Bravo TV). For the reality TV star, the creation of Fosé Rosé is all about giving people the option not to choose an alcoholic drink – or sparkling water. "No one likes to be judged for ordering a glass of Perrier," de Lesseps told Page Six, "I wanted to make things easier for people who are sober. It's also great for people who still drink and just want to take a break from alcohol."

Unfortunately, peer pressure doesn't exactly go away once you get your high school diploma. The social pressure to drink can be a real influence on adults. De Lesseps told Page Six she created her non-alcoholic sparkling wine in hopes that "it can help take away the stigma of making the choice not to drink." She also said she would be interested in creating other non-alcoholic wines in the future. So, if Fosé Rosé turns out to be a hit, who knows, there could someday be a dry red that's perfectly fitting for Dry January.