This Fluffy Pup Might Be Costco's Cutest 'Executive' Member

As a major retailer, Costco tries to ensure that it caters to different kinds of shoppers at its stores. This includes pet owners who can purchase items for their pets in bulk at reasonable prices. According to a Reddit user, getting a Costco membership for a pet is a good investment, especially if you can get access to a Costco pharmacy. There, you're likely to find medicine at cheaper rates compared to veterinary clinics. 

The Redditor wrote, "When I had two Labrador Retrievers I would make back my membership fee on the difference in the cost of dog food and treats vs. buying that of equal quality elsewhere, and do so within a handful of months." According to a piece by SheKnows, pet owners can get their hands on a variety of products such as pet food, toy bundles, accessories, and furniture designed with the comfort of pets in mind.

Meanwhile, another Redditor put up a photo of their cute doggo with a Costco dog toy, leading to excited reactions from others on the website's r/Costco group. The caption was adorable, too, and it read: "An executive membership is a must for me."

Reddit users can't get enough of the picture

Not surprisingly, Redditors were blown away by the pictures of the fluffy dog with its Costco toy. They ended up showering the pooch with compliments ranging from "I'm in love with your doggo" to "soooo friggen cuuutee!!!" Another commentator mentioned that the dog toys are really good in terms of quality and durability, and their Saint Bernard loved playing with a toy shaped like a wine bottle. "Totally worth it," they added.

Costco has cute options such as a Party Pack Dog Toy Bundle with four different types of toys for $21.99 that are popular among dog owners at the store. 

Not everyone's pleased with this trend, though. A different Reddit user ranted about seeing pictures of dogs with Costco toys in the group and wrote, "Proposal: We Create a New Sub Just for Pics of The Sweatshirts and Dog Toys." Their major complaint is that the sub is meant to focus on Costco and topics such as sales and new products. A commentator couldn't hold back from joking, "Sounds like someone needs to get a dog and a Kirkland sweatshirt!!"