This Chick-Fil-A Operator's Alleged Vaccine Memo Has Fans Seeing Red

In late 2021, as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 began to infect people across the globe, the operator of a Chick-fil-A restaurant circulated a memo to his staff to make them aware of pandemic-related federal mandates, as one Reddit user shared. He explained that staff would be required to present proof of full vaccination or to wear a mask at all times while working and have weekly COVID-19 tests. Controversy arose because Tim Odom's memo was less of an impartial relaying of federal policies and more of a rant against the Biden Administration and "Democrat Overlords," which has some users seeing red.

This isn't the first time that Chick-fil-A has found itself at the center of a political debate. Last summer, Republican senator Lindsey Graham defended Chick-fil-A when Democratic lawmakers petitioned to keep the chain from opening at a New York rest stop (via Facebook). Their protests were in response to the chain's history of donating money to anti-LGBTQ+ organizations, tweeted New York State Assembly member Harry Bronson. The incident prompted Chick-fil-A to share a statement clarifying that it "does not have a political or social agenda" (via Fox News). Nevertheless, one Redditor expressed anger that Odom appears to be "desperate to politicize" the pandemic — and that was before the post got readers so agitated that Reddit felt compelled to suspend comments on it.

"I will happily take my business elsewhere," one Redditor said in response to the memo

As shown on Reddit, Chick-fil-A operator Tim Odom informed his staff that failure to comply with the vaccine, masking, or testing mandates imposed by The White House would result in the termination of their "right to earn a living." Odom expressed his opposition to the policies with phrases like, "I hope you will recognize the danger in holding your right to work as ransom for your compliance." He also called out Democrats in general, writing, "Vote for whoever you like, but understand the permanent consequences of and the risks to your freedoms associated with your choices."

"This isn't the behavior I'd expect from a store operator," one Redditor commented. "I wouldn't be surprised if he loses employees because of this inappropriate memo and [then] blames it on the mandate." Another user said that these mandates have been encouraged by scientists, not exclusively by left-leaning politicians. "Is this type of behavior the norm for Chick-fil-A employees?" they asked. "If so, then I will happily take my business elsewhere." The post has since been locked to new comments.