Twitter Is Dumbfounded By This Temperature Frozen Fried Egg

In the latest case of, "A picture is worth a thousand words," a photo of a frozen not-so-fried egg has illustrated just how freezing cold it gets in Minnesota. It all began when "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi queried her followers on Twitter, "What's for breakfast?" One fan replied with a picture of a frying pan held sideways in their snow-covered Minneapolis yard, with a frozen, uncooked egg stuck to the pan's surface. "-18 this morning. Please send hot coffee," the caption read. The photo inspired commentary from many people, including Lakshmi herself. "OMG!!" she tweeted, along with an arrow emoji pointing to an emoji of a cup of hot coffee.

Although Minnesota is known for its cold temperatures, this visual really takes the cake (or, the egg) for explaining the state's weather to non-Minnesotans. Per Weather Spark, however, the -18 degrees Fahrenheit that Twitter user @JeffBikesMN experienced is out of the ordinary for Minneapolis, where the average daily low temperature in January is 10 degrees. User @theLudwigs helped the Minneapolis dweller feel less alone in the world. "I saw this and instantly knew it was from here in MPLS. Cheers MPLS homie!" Given his unexpectedly chilly breakfast, that heartwarming comment was probably just what @JeffBikesMN needed.

Twitter had humorous reactions to this frozen egg

Naturally, @JeffBikesMN's picture inspired several food-related puns, especially because it was a reply to Lakshmi's post. "I'm so sorry Heavy Pedal, but you had our least favorite dish," quipped Lee Andrew Henderson. Craigdolph Rosemary said, "I'm no TOP CHEF, but I think they're cooking the eggs wrong." Others expressed that they have no desire to ever try this egg trick at home. Said Rogan Hamby, "Where is this so I can make sure I never move there?" And of course, there's always someone who sees a business opportunity at play: "Top Chef Minnesota, let's go!" commented @Bryceman73.

Should @JeffBikesMN decide to take a trip to the South or West Coast in the summer, he could send Lakshmi a picture that's the exact opposite: an egg fried on a sidewalk or the hood of a hot car. Per the Library of Congress, these surfaces don't conduct heat as well as a frying pan on a stove, but that doesn't stop people from cracking eggs in the great outdoors every summer.