Taco Bell Wings: What To Know Before You Order

Taco Bell is testing out a product that most would probably associate with its Yum! Brands sibling KFC. The fast food chain launched its Crispy Chicken Wings on January 6, 2022, an offer that will be available for one week only (via Today). The wings join other new menu additions such as the Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa, Beefy Melt Burrito, and Fiesta Veggie Burrito, as well as the Island Berry Freeze beverage (which comes in Wild Strawberry or Blue Raspberry). The chicken wings come in a 5-pack for $5.99 plus tax in a brown cardboard box, along with a spicy ranch dip (via The Takeout).

A reviewer on Instagram notes that these wings may not show up in the Taco Bell app (perhaps due to the extremely limited-time offering), but that they were able to order at their nearest Taco Bell (via Instagram). Elaborating further, the reviewer adds, "The Mexican queso dusting on the skin was slightly sweet. The meat had an actually ok flavor, definitely tasted like chicken. Overall, felt like regular fried chicken."

The chicken wings come in a crispy coating mixed with the brand's signature queso seasoning.

What are people saying about Taco Bell's wings?

The overall consensus on the Taco Bell wings seems to be that while there's nothing really wrong with them, there's also nothing really special about them. Curiously, the wings come in an unbranded, plain box (via The Takeout).

Food reviewer Dennis Lee describes the experience: "It was clear that these wings were less about meatiness and more about crunch. And they were indeed audibly crunchy in a good way, since they were breaded." The reviewer goes on to explain that while definitely worth a try, if you can't find the item during its limited run, you aren't really missing out. "These wings are not groundbreaking in any way, aside from the novel fact that they're from Taco Bell." Another food reviewer, Dane Rivera, describes the wings as being less than crispy but strangely addicting (via Uproxx). Rivera further shares, "Don't go to Taco Bell for wings, but if you find yourself in the Taco Bell drive-thru by pure coincidence this weekend, give them a try — they're surprisingly tasty despite being from Taco Bell and having a few obvious flaws." 

So Taco Bell wings are available now, but they definitely aren't as noteworthy as the brand's signature offerings. Whether you taste or pass on this new item is up to you.