Reddit Is Impressed With This High-Tech Kroger 'Smart Cart'

Shopping for groceries can be fun, but most can agree there can be a fair amount of hassle involved. For example, finding the peanut butter after the remodel your go-to grocery store can be quite the fiasco, not to mention budgeting for groceries, shopping the sales, and trying to beat the crowds. That's why Kroger grocery stores are testing out the KroGo program, featuring smart shopping carts designed by Caper, that help with all of the above.

So far, the program is only being tested in the Cincinnati area, but if accepted as a staple and expanded to all locations, it could completely change the food shopping experience. Kroger customers and employees took to Reddit to discuss the smart carts, and some seem happy with the carts so far. "They have these at my Kroger and they've worked just fine for everyone here," said one employee. "We have had them at my store for about 4 months," said another employee, adding "and people really seem to like them." 

"These are in 5 or 6 stores here in Cincy and they are getting a bunch of usage by customers," said another, pointing out that "they are weather proof," in response to comments about how the carts would fare in rain, heat, and snow. But not everyone is convinced these carts are a good idea.

The smart carts are raising red flags for some folks

Some Redditors are skeptical about how useful Kroger's KroGo Caper smart carts might be. Concerns in the thread include that they can be damaged in the parking lot, increase opportunities for theft, might be difficult to use, and that the carts could be digitally hacked to steal credit card information. One past associate did try to quell these worries, sharing, "We've had these at my old store for years, and they're holding up fine."

There is another issue that took over the comment section — the thought of smart carts eliminating jobs held by human employees. Users exclaimed, "That is a whole lot of hours of liveable wages right there," "I'd pay very close attention to this," "it's going to be a nightmare for employees," and "the ultimate end goal is to get rid of cashiers altogether." 

While these customers and employees expressed this worry, it doesn't seem to bother others who claim, "This is the future like it or not. Grocery shopping will be 100% automated" and "As a customer I might like them."

It's not clear what the future of these innovative carts will be, as they are still in a testing stage, but if robots can take over fast food, anything is possible.