Reddit's Got Jokes About This Starbucks Spinach Feta 'Moment'

Seeing a breakfast wrap taped to a tree is quite an unusual sight, but that's exactly what a Starbucks barista shared with the internet on January 10th. In a Reddit thread, the user posted a picture with very little context. It's unclear if the user did this to the tree, or if was simply documenting what was observed. Either way, it can be agreed that the post is a strange one. The only text provided states the obvious, "Spinach Feta on a tree." We have to ask, how can you not point out the fact that the one in the picture is folding over the tape?

The Starbucks wrap with spinach, feta cheese, and egg whites is touted as one of the tastier breakfast items and is also a healthy option, so it seems like a waste to attach it to a tree. And while some may see this as absurd because, well, you could be eating it instead, others are using the photo as an opportunity for clever remarks. 

This isn't the first bread taped to a tree

With a scant description of the original post, some users got crafty — and didn't disappoint. One Redditor reached deep into the poetic side of the brain writing, "Spinach feta on a tree. Spinach feta on your knee. Spinach feta in your pocket. Spinach feta in your locket. Spinach feta on a bush. Spinach feta on your tush. Spinach feta on the ground. Spinach feta all abound!"

Other comments include, "Nature is healing," "This moved me," and one user simply stated, "Art."

Completely in the other direction, one Starbucks barista attached the link to the "BreadStapledToTrees" Reddit community, where you can find many similar pictures of assorted bread sticking to trees. We're not too sure who's going around nailing sandwiches to tree bark, but we can conclude that this is a bigger movement than anyone could have predicted, with over 300,000 members in the Reddit community.

Perhaps the Starbucks spinach and feta breakfast wrap will make it over to the "BreadStapledToTrees" community and finally get the proper recognition it deserves.