Shake Shack Just Debuted 2 New Decadent Shakes

Shake Shack's new shakes are sure to satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth. The brand-new custard concoctions launched recently at all locations, per Candy Hunting on Instagram, with the first selection being the Chocolate Pie Shake, which is a "hand spun" chocolate frozen custard with chocolate ganache toasted oat pie topped with croissant cookie crumbles and made by Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

Early risers might opt instead for the second option, the Wake & Shake, which is made with vanilla frozen custard, orange zest, and maple syrup, with some Red Bay coffee mixed in. It's also topped with whipped cream and orange candies.

These shake flavors come just as the holidays wind down, and therefore recently introduced seasonal flavors like the Sugar Plum Fairy Shake and Christmas Cookie Shake, have been retired, per Kitchn. As always, Shake Shack is proud of the fact that they use only high quality ingredients, like cage-free eggs and real cane sugar, in their confections.

Shake Shack customers can't wait to slurp these shakes

The shake flavor announcement made quite the splash all over Instagram. One user wasted no time trying the Chocolate Pie Shake, noting that on Candy Hunting's Instagram post, "The crust bits were sooooo good." User drinkingthecrewlade looks forward to trying the Wake & Shake, and laments, "Why can't Starbucks be this imaginative????" Heading over to Shake Shack's Instagram, zamazardde is yet another excited consumer, saying, "Coffee one is gonna be fire."

It's impossible to please all the people all the time, though. Glassvitola ordered the chocolate pie shake, but was disappointed. "Didn't dislike it, but I won't be running back to get that one," they said, noting that it's "too chunky." Prettylilpupusa hasn't sampled either yet, but thinks the descriptions are disappointing. "Maple and coffee sounded good until I got to the orange part. I'll wait for the next flavors," they added.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of classic milkshakes to choose from at Shake Shack, so even if these flavors don't float your boat, there's likely to be one that will. Happy slurping!