Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Thin Jicama Wraps

When you need to spice up your daily meal plan, you can't go wrong with jicama. This root native to Mexico has a nice crunch, mild flavor, and proves incredibly versatile in cooking. According to Have A Plant, chefs can incorporate this vegetable into a salad, roast it in the oven, and even turn it into chips. Trader Joe's now has a product that makes this root even more versatile and fans on social media can't get enough of it.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist spotted the brand's jicama wraps during a recent grocery run and snapped a picture. They posted the find alongside the caption, "JICAMA WRAPS $3.99 These have been a staple in my life since they first arrived at #traderjoes a few years ago. I used to have to go to other grocers to find them, then one day they arrived at TJs and I was ecstatic! For those that are unfamiliar with #jicama wraps, they are the perfect substitute to tortillas and can be enjoyed raw or put them on the griddle to get a softer, less crunchy wrap. They are low in carbs, #glutenfree and #vegan. Two wraps have only 15 calories and 1g net carbs!!"

Fans felt equally excited for the find and didn't hold back in the comment section.

Trader Joe's fans go wild for jicama wraps

The Instagram post from @traderjoeslist quickly saw a flood of comments from followers across the internet who couldn't get enough of this vegan and gluten-free find. "They are so good! Love these for fish tacos!" one person said. Another agreed, writing "They're good! Alone or for tacos or just spread what you like on them. Or sprinkle some tajin on it." Others appeared curious, and said, "I've never seen these. I hope I see them at my T.J'S on my next visit," and "Asking for a friend, do you think these can be put in the freezer?" 

Others chimed in with recipe ideas. Of course, tacos were a popular suggestion. One person recommended eating them with "almond butter and bananas with a splash of Ceylon cinnamon," while another suggested pairing the wraps with tuna and avocado.

If you have a craving for something new and spot this item at your local Trader Joe's, see if the wraps can live up to these high expectations. With any luck, this unique tortilla alternative may just become your new favorite way to snack.