Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Unsure About Its New Cheeseburger Burrito

If you want to dig into a burrito with some unexpected fillings, you don't have to look far. According to America Fun Fact of the Day, you can find eateries that serve up sushi burritos, octopus burritos, burritos filled with pho, and even donut burritos. While these tortilla-wrapped creations have the potential to tempt some diners, not every item hits the mark.

Trader Joe's latest take on this handheld food definitely pushes the boundaries of burrito fillings, and not every customer has jumped on board. Instagrammer @traderjoesaficionado spotted the grocery chain's cheeseburger burrito and took a picture of the find for social media. They captioned the post with text reading, "I don't know about this, friends! This is a hard pass for me. I like my cheeseburger between a bun. But that's just me!" 

Fans jumped in with their own skeptical takes — one said that they'd rather just eat an In-N-Out burger, and another pointed out that "Once again, a Trader Joe's product that has more than half the RDA of sodium in it. There's NO reason for that!" Others felt unimpressed by the taste, saying, "It tasted like hamburger helper. It was just ok," while another commented, "Definitely Not my cup of tea but, I'm excited to see what other people think of it."

A burrito that has divided Trader Joe's shoppers

On another part of Instagram, the burrito stirred up even more mixed reviews. @traderjoeslist also discovered the product and posted the find on Instagram alongside the caption, "I've seen cheeseburger pizza but this is a first! If it's not broken, don't try to fix it...right?! With the exception of pickles, almost all the ingredients are typically found in a burrito, so the real question is, how do we like pickles in our burritos?!"

Some fans couldn't help but express their enthusiasm, while others had with comments like, "This almost looks like a joke burrito," and "I'm scared." One person took note of the taste and said, "One of our crew members tried it yesterday, it made the break room smell rancid and he said it was nasty," while another replied with, "This looks terrible I need 200 of them."

Only time can tell if this unconventional burrito hits the spot with Trader Joe's shoppers. In the meantime, make sure to try out this item if you feel tempted and see which side of the debate you fall on.