Aldi Fans Are Unimpressed With These Pink Strawberries

For many customers, Aldi is a wondrous haven of low prices and unique house-brand products. Whether you're looking for everything bagel seasoning, frozen cocktails, or knockoff Girl Scout cookies, the grocery chain likely has you covered. However, Aldi isn't for everyone, and not all of its products have a cult following. Some customers, for example, opt to avoid Aldi's seafood for both ethical and quality reasons, while a review from Delishably says the store's frozen pizza leaves much flavor to be desired.

Most recently, some Aldi customers on Reddit have a bone to pick with its Wish Farms Pink-A-Boo pineberries, which resemble very pale pink strawberries. Sharing a photo of the product, U/CostcoDogMom wrote, "Couldn't help myself with this impulse purchase. Looked so fun!" In the comments, the original poster added, "They taste sweet and slightly like a strawberry!" While the original poster's review seemed largely positive, other users are less impressed.

The overall consensus on the pineberries seems to be "meh"

If you've never seen or tried pineberries, Wish Farms describes the pale pink, strawberry-like fruits as crisp and refreshing "with a hint of tropical citrus flavor." Most people, the brand says, fine their texture to be soft like that of a peach or pear, while the flavor is reminiscent of anything from pineapple to apricot. Sounds intriguing to us, but many Aldi shoppers all but crushed this item on Reddit.

One person commented, "To me they were overpriced fruit that tasted like a sad whisper of a tart strawberry." Another disappointed shopper wrote, "They are not good. Not bad, but they sure don't taste very good for as fun as they look." Other shoppers found them to be bland or simply too dissimilar to the tasting notes advertised. However, others called them "amazing." If you're curious to try the pineberries for yourself, Aldi may be an economical place to buy them; U/CostcoDogMom said they found the product at their North Carolina Aldi for $4.49, while another Redditor said they bought them for $9 at Sprouts.