Pepsi And Frito-Lay's Funny Playoff Ad Is Packed With NFL Legends

No matter who's playing the game, most can agree that Super Bowl commercials and game-day food are essential pieces of the championship. This year, PepsiCo is getting started on its famous Super Bowl commercials early with a "Road to the Super Bowl LVI" ad featuring some of the biggest names in NFL history. 

The first ballers you'll recognize are the Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli. The former quarterbacks are seen sitting on a couch bickering as siblings do, surrounded by snacks and beverages from the Frito Lay/PepsiCo family (via YouTube). This year, the retired brothers would both be watching from the sidelines or the family couch. Eli played his last game in 2019, while older brother Peyton in 2016. 

But the commercial doesn't end with the funny Manning brothers. Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Jerome Bettis, crashes through the door like the Kool-Aid man, trying to get the brothers to join him on a road trip. The Hall of Famer, nicknamed "The Bus" per WTHR, convinces the brothers to come outside where "The Bus's Bus" is parked.

A football family reunion

Victor Cruz, former Giants teammate to Eli, is found aboard the bus and for the love of football, this commercial even packs in the legendary Terry Bradshaw. Unlike the other bus crew, Bradshaw retired back in 1983, while the younger players all took the field up to recently (via IMDB). Bradshaw is revered for his outgoing personality, as confirmed by the "joke" seat the players get him in on their Super Bowl LVI bus. But you'll have to see it for yourself to really appreciate it!

The commercial includes chip crunching, laughs, and even a surprise sing-along. This hilarious ad will make you feel equally nostalgic and hungry. Doritos and Pepsi take center stage during some highlights, but your favorite former players may have earned the win here.

The YouTube comments offer more incentive to watch, including "This commercial is the best Superbowl commercial. I don't need to see anymore. Hands Down!" Other users name their favorites: "The Manning bros are awesome in comedy. Greatest commercial of Superbowl greats!" and "That was awesome, Frito lay and Pepsi products." 

With the bar already set high, we are excited to see all of the 2022 Super Bowl commercials.