The Best Weight Watchers Low Point Desserts

Ever since Weight Watchers made the switch the Smart Points in late 2015, dessert-aholics have been scrambling to find low point options to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Luckily, there are plenty of savvy food bloggers out there who have mastered the Weight Watchers SmartPoints system. With clever use of zero point fruits and veggies, healthier sweeteners, and less processed foods, there is now a cornucopia of low SmartPoint value dessert recipes available at your fingertips. I have rounded up some of the best the internet has to offer, ranging from zero to seven SmartPoints. Enjoy.

SmartPoint ice cream and yogurt

Gemma at Simple Nourished Living makes an easy strawberry frozen yogurt that requires nothing more than a blender, and three simple ingredients — strawberries, non-fat Greek yogurt, and a sweetener like honey or agave. Feel free to sub in any fruit you please. A serving will only cost you three smart points.

Most Weight Watchers members have already heard of the famous one-ingredient banana ice cream. There is some debate as to whether this treat should be considered zero points under the new system, which only allows fruits to be considered zero points if eaten whole. Gina at Skinny Taste still considers it a zero point treat, and that's OK by me.

Of course, if you've already used up your energy in the kitchen making all of your other meals, you may just want to grab a treat at the store. Weight Watchers members rave about the Halo Top brand of ice cream. Some flavors are only two points for a quarter pint serving, meaning even an entire pint may figure into your daily routine.

SmartPoint cupcakes and muffins

Weight Watchers members can always count on the Weight Watchers website and magazine to provide well-tested recipes that are low on points, but big in flavor. You don't have to be a member to check out their recipe for banana chocolate chip mini muffins, at only two SmartPoints a piece.

Like many bloggers who posted Weight Watchers-friendly recipes using the old points system, Sarah at Skinnypoints has updated her older recipes to reflect the newer SmartPoints values. The good news is, her recipe for pumpkin pie cupcakes now rings in at a comfortable three points each.

Kate at Drizzle Me Skinny is a lifetime Weight Watchers member, and presents us with lots of fantastic, low point recipes, like this one for blueberry lemon crumble muffins. These muffins are full sized instead of mini, but still only three SmartPoints each.

SmartPoint pudding, Jell-O, and yogurt

Longtime Weight Watchers members know that pudding, Jell-O, and yogurt are great ways to get creative with making low point, Weight Watchers desserts.

Kitch Me shows us how to make a one-SmartPoint, lemony dessert using lemon Jell-O, lemon pudding mix, and fat-free whipped topping. Check out the clever way they broiled the tops to give these desserts a meringue-appeal.

At the Weight Watchers site, we find the easy two-point recipe for chocolate and espresso mousse using pudding mix, instant espresso, skim milk, and chocolate wafers.

Over at Skinny Ms, yogurt is blended with low-fat cream cheese, coconut sugar, and lemon juice, then layered with nuts and berries for these tempting, no-bake lemon and berry cups that clock in at five points per serving.

SmartPoint cookies and brownies

For amazing peanut butter cookies with only one SmartPoint per cookie, we head back to Simple Nourished Living. They call for only four ingredients — peanut butter, brown sugar, egg, and baking soda. Martha has many great, low-point cookie recipes on her site, including cranberry and apple oatmeal cookies , and chocolate chip cookies with salted peanuts. Either choice clocks in at a low three points each.

Hungry Girl has tons of Weight Watchers-friendly recipes, and these five-SmartPoint Mexican brownie bites are right on the money. The best part is, that five points gets you two brownie bites. If you'd rather have a blondie, stick around the Hungry Girl site for these four-point peanut butter blondies that get a huge boost of fiber from canned pumpkin and chickpeas.

SmartPoint pies

Grasshopper pudding pie is another Weight Watchers classic recipe that has been around since your Grandma was a Weight Watchers member. Skinnypoints reminds us how to make it, utilizing pistachio flavored pudding mix, chocolate wafer cookies, and fat-free whipped topping. The SmartPoint value is four per slice.

For an amazingly low point apple pie recipe, you gotta hand it to Hungry Girl, who came up with this upside-down apple pie recipe that clocks in at just one point per serving. Sliced apples are tossed with cornstarch, cinnamon, vanilla, and Truvia sweetener, then layered, baked, and topped with crushed graham crackers.

If you prefer pies of the handheld variety, look no further than these clever whoopie pies from Kitch Me. Homemade, soft, chocolate cookies are sandwiched with marshmallow cream, for a decadent, five SmartPoint treat.

SmartPoint candy and chocolate

If candy is your bag, you're in for some challenges with SmartPoints, since sugar is now the culprit that really drives up your SmartPoint values. Prepared with some clever recipes, as well as knowing the point value of some of your favorite store-bought confections, you'll be able to stick to your Weight Watchers daily plan.

Kitch Me comes through for us again with this recipe for chocolate marshmallow bark, which you'll need to allow seven SmartPoints in your day to enjoy.

At Skinny Ms, we find these tasty peanut butter and banana cups, made with coconut oil, natural peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate chips. They're a very manageable 3 SmartPoints per piece.

Of course, if you prefer your candy straight from the candy aisle, Eat Weight Watchers has compiled this handy-dandy list of popular name-brand treats, and their corresponding SmartPoints. Make sure to check if you're eating a snack size, fun size, or full size... it makes a big difference.

SmartPoint baked fruit

Fruit, when it is not blended, is considered a zero point food on the Weight Watchers plan, so you can bet it figures prominently in a number of low SmartPoint desserts.

At Skinny Ms, they've developed a bananas foster recipe that's so popular, it's been featured at Shape and the Huffington Post. The recipe weighs in at six SmartPoints, and is conveniently made in a slow cooker.

Over at Skinny Taste, we can enjoy a dessert of baked pears with honey, cinnamon, and walnuts, for a deliciously low, two SmartPoints per serving.

At Simple Nourished Living, fresh pineapple is sprinkled with brown sugar and allspice, and then broiled, before being topped with a candied ginger cream. This tasty creation is only one point per serving.

SmartPoint small bites

Weight Watchers is all about portion control. So one way to continue to enjoy your favorite treats and desserts is to cut the portion size down to petite portions that can be savored in a bite or two.

At Kitch Me, we find these cookies and cream tortoni bites. Reduced-fat sandwich cookies are crumbled and combined with whipped topping, pudding, and a touch of butter, then frozen into paper mini-muffin cups for a satisfying six-point bite.

At only three SmartPoints per serving, we have these awesome pumpkin cheesecake shooters from Skinny Taste, made with low-fat cream cheese, canned pumpkin, and spices.

Kate at Drizzle Me Skinny makes these caramel apple "pizza fingers" using store-bought pizza dough, apples, oats, and sugar-free caramel sauce. They're only three SmartPoints per slice.

SmartPoint wontons and phyllo shells

Weight Watchers members cannot get enough of wonton shells and mini phyllo cups. These low-point, versatile essentials in a Weight Watchers-friendly kitchen are easy to use, and can be filled with sweet and savory items alike.

Emily at Emily Bites whips up these adorable chocolate chip cannoli cups. Ricotta and mascarpone cheese are blended with powdered sugar and cinnamon, then mixed with mini chocolate chips. The creamy mixture is used to fill phyllo cups, creating a beautiful three-point dessert.

Hungry Girl also takes advantage of frozen phyllo cups, and creates this super-simple recipe for raspberry Kiss crunchettes. Hershey Kisses are melted into the mini phyllo shells, and then topped with a fresh raspberry. You may indulge in three of these crunchettes for a cost of three smart points.

Returning once more to Drizzle Me Skinny, we encounter these brilliant s'more wonton crisps. Baked and crisped wonton wrappers are topped with marshmallow fluff, melted chocolate, and crushed graham crackers for an amazingly low, one SmartPoint a piece.