Reese's Is Making It Rain Cups Of Love With This Returning Valentine's Day Item

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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a favorite among candy enthusiasts and chocolate lovers, and per Mental Floss, the cups may even be the most popular Hershey's candy of all time. Some peanut butter lovers use Reese's cups in homemade desserts such as ice cream, cookies, and cheesecake in order to upgrade traditional recipes. In fact, Hershey's has taken note of this trend and has highlighted Reese's recipes on its website with options such as cookie bars, chocolate peanut butter chip fudge, pudding cake, and cupcakes.

For those who can't get enough chocolate and peanut butter, here's an important update: A special treat from the brand is making a comeback for Valentine's Day. According to Delish, you can now buy the Reese's Big Box O'Love for your Valentine, or for yourself, at select retailers across the country. Some may remember the product made its debut in time for Valentine's Day of 2021, and now it's back for your snacking pleasure.

Extra cups for chocolate peanut butter lovers

As reported by Delish, the Big Box O'Love has a whopping 20 candy pieces and is priced around $10. Those looking to purchase the limited-edition candy box before Valentine's Day can visit a nearby retailer or even order through Amazon. According to Hersheyland, the product is both gluten-free and kosher, making it suitable for customers who follow either of those diets.

The company's description of the gift box makes it even more alluring, reading, "If you don't exactly have a way with words, let milk chocolate and peanut butter sweep them off their feet." One Reese's lover agrees, and wholeheartedly rooted for the item last year posting to Instagram that it feels like the box of candy "is full of metaphorical hugs and kisses" and is the kind of surprise they'd like to receive on Valentine's Day.

If there's someone special in your life who just can't resist Reese's, this may be a good option for Valentine's day.