Dunkin' Has A Different Name In Spain

To create a big company, you need a big brand. Of course, a brilliant product sold for a ridiculous profit is necessary too, but publicity is key — you won't make any money if no one knows about your incredible genius. That's why some of the most successful businesses are so well known.

In the U.S., identifiable famous brands include McDonald's, Burger King, and Domino's, according to YouGovAmerica — even though their fame doesn't always necessarily correlate with their popularity among customers. Dunkin' is part of those big beasts, often seen as a popular food brand among consumers. However, despite the Dunkin' name achieving widespread recognition, things are different for its various Spanish locations (via Dunkin'). In Spain, Dunkin' actually operates under another name. It has been suggested that the name change is all down to a business model adjustment, but could there be another reason for the name alteration?

A focus on coffee

In Spain, Dunkin' is known as Dunkin' Coffee – but don't worry, its website confirms donuts are still critical to the menu. As well as featuring varieties familiar to American customers (such as strawberry, coconut, and Boston cream), the Spaniard chain also offers Nutella, Oreo, and Kit Kat donuts.

Dunkin's Spanish stores were renamed Dunkin' Coffee in 2007 to adhere to the company's business plan, according to Insider. Of course, Dunkin' is familiar with name changes. Previously, many of us knew the company as Dunkin' Donuts. Fortune also suggests the word donuts may have been dropped to give the brand a healthier image, at least in the U.S. Additionally, coffee is very profitable. This could also explain why stores in Spain were remodeled as Dunkin' Coffee.

Although rebranding is one explanation for the name change, a rival company in Spain could be another. According to Insider, Duffin Dagels operates entirely separately from Dunkin'. Still, the chain's website shows a suspiciously similar pink-and-orange logo, as well as a menu that shares many of the same donut flavors as Dunkin' Coffee. Perhaps Duffin Dagels could be another reason Dunkin' opted to alter its branding.