Twitter Is Cracking Up Over Duff Goldman's Cereal Opinions

It's safe to say that Duff Goldman knows a thing or two about food. Not only was he the star of his own show on Food Network, "Ace of Cakes," which followed the drama and excitement at his bakery Charm City Cakes, but he's also been a judge on 66 episodes of "Holiday Baking Championship," and has hosted 84 episodes of "Kids Baking Championship" (via IMDB). That means that Goldman has tasted a lot of food, from haute cuisine to meals literally made by children. So when he was asked to give his opinion on the best breakfast cereal, fans were eager to listen.

It all started when Food Network tweeted out "What's your ultimate go-to cereal?" The original tweet got plenty of comments from fans, and then Goldman chimed in. "I weirdly love Grape Nuts," he replied. But Goldman wasn't done sharing his cereal opinions. When another fan replied to Food Network's tweet with "Cap'n Crunch," Goldman had this to say: "Cap'n Crunch is seriously one of mankind's greatest artistic achievements" (via Twitter). Fans were tickled by Goldman's replies.

Goldman's favorite cereals are a puzzling pair

Goldman's Grape Nuts pick got a lot of feedback from fans. "How?! How do you chew without breaking teeth??!" asked one fan, while another said "Grape Nuts have nothing to do with grapes or nuts. They're gravel." But others were happy to hear their own favorite cereal mentioned. "They're my ride or die cereal," said one fan, and another said "I love Grape Nuts!" though they also admitted that their dad calls them gravel.

Cap'n Crunch seemed to be the more universally loved option. "It's been love at first bite and the romancing hasn't stopped," replied one fan. "So good as French toast coating," said another, a culinary innovation that would seem right at home on one of Goldman's shows. But fans had some sillier responses to this cereal pick, too. One called Cap'n Crunch "something so sweet that it can rip holes in the roof of your mouth and so yummy you don't care," while another said "My mouth hurts just thinking about it." It seems like the only thing the two cereals have in common is a texture that's appealing to some, and downright dangerous to the mouths and teeth of others. But as these tweets show us, that's just how Goldman rolls when it comes to choosing the best breakfast cereal.