McDonald's Has Good News For Fans Of Its Blueberry & Creme Pie

If you need a break from ordering countless apple pies from McDonald's, but still want something fruity and sweet — have no fear, because we have some pretty good news for fans of the chain's blueberry & crème pie. It's backkkk! This popular dessert was first released back in June 2017, according to Chew Boom, and it has quite the following, including a rave review from the YouTube channel, Peep This Out.

Unfortunately, the dessert item was only offered for a limited time, despite having favorable ratings. The most similar product that has surfaced since was the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie that everyone was talking about – only, it was solely available at locations in Malaysia.

There's so much to love about the return of McDonald's fruity treat, available now in most markets. According to Brand Eating, you can order one for just 89 cents or two for $1.50 in many locations. That article writer also described the blueberry filling inside as "work[ing] well with the creme," which is vanilla-flavored. The exterior crust is a flaky texture, which is comparable to the chain's apple pie.

The blueberry & crème pie is back!

Now that the blueberry & crème pie has returned to menus, it will likely be as well received as in the past, with Cooking Panda calling it "the perfect pick-me-up for your homesick blues," adding that its insides are "cheesecake-like." And though there are products such as the strawberry & créme pie still listed on the company's menu, you might want to give the blueberry option a try before it leaves again! 

After announcing its return on January 13 and 14 (as seen on Facebook), fans seemingly rushed to their local restaurants to get their hands on this tasty treat. One YouTube reviewer, by the name of The Fluffy Bearded Man, called it "amazing" and urged his followers to try this menu item. Here's to hoping it'll be around a bit longer this time around!