TikTok Is Arguing Over This Chili's Tip Mistake

Tipping is a polarizing topic that some feel can be tricky to master. A Redditor summed up their views on tipping particularly well in a post when they wrote, "So I have always considered myself a good tipper especially if I enjoyed the service or thought whoever was assisting me was really on point." However, their mindset changed drastically when they realized just how low the minimum wage was for servers.

The Redditor said that they now have to add a generous tip no matter how they feel about the dining experience. "I hate to say it but it's turned tipping from an opportunity for me to throw in extra because I enjoyed the experience to basically calculating out 20% on each transaction regardless of service level," they explained.

TikTok users are currently engaged in a war of words over tipping: a customer at Chili's claimed in a video that the "pay-at-the-table machines" often mess up and force diners to cough up more money than necessary (via The Daily Dot).

People have strong opinions

A Chili's customer who goes by the name motorich33 on TikTok posted a polarizing video on the social media platform that gave others a glimpse into the restaurant's "pay-at-the-table" system, claiming that the final numbers didn't really add up. He said, "Check is $73.22, which means that 10% that'd be $7.30. So, at 20% that'd be $14.60." However, the machine displayed that a 20% tip would be $16.31 and the final amount would be $89.53.

One TikTok user wrote that they're against tipping culture and said, "Businesses should pay employees a good wage and no one should be tipping. It's silly." Meanwhile, an angry viewer suggested that the restaurant needs to step up its game, "fix" all its machines, and pay staff members decent salaries. Other commentators tried to offer alternative explanations: for example, someone indicated that if customers take advantage of rewards like a complimentary dessert at Chili's, the restaurant ends up "factoring the cost of that in for the tip" even though they didn't technically charge for the menu item.