What Makes McDonald's Japan's New Spicy Nuggets So Unique

McDonald's signature nuggets have evolved over the years. According to Carolina News and Reporter, the fast food chain tapped Tyson to create the first iteration of the menu item back in 1979, and since 1983, the McNugget has graced McDonald's locations nationwide. The chain revamped the item in 2016, removing any artificial ingredients and improving their public image as a result, per Thrillist. A new spicy version of the classic nuggets has now popped up in Japan and they might just usher in the next era for this classic menu item.

Eat This, Not That! reports that McDonald's in Japan has debuted their new nuggets, which are coated in spicy seasoning, and has dubbed them Peppercorn Garlic Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Diners also can pair this new food with either Garlic Soy Sauce Mayo or a Smoked Cheese sauce. The restaurant launched this item after a spicy chicken nugget took off in America back in 2020, and it looks like the world might be in for some more spicy options from McDonald's.

According to The Street, McDonald's may currently be using Japan as a test market for these spicy nuggets, and if they perform well, the brand may bring them stateside. This proves especially exciting, as the chain may even plan to take on KFC and Wendy's with the new item.

Bold new flavors at McDonald's in Japan

Anyone who loves spicy nuggets can find something to celebrate in the idea that McDonald's may bring this spicy to the United States. The nuggets come coated in black pepper, white pepper, chili peppers, and garlic (via Eat This, Not That!). The paired sauces may add to the heat as well as they each come seasoned with black pepper and onion powder, which is sure to make for a very flavorful pairing that will likely get diners excited.

One can hope that these nuggets make an impact, as their previous offerings didn't win everyone over. Insider found that the chain's spicy nuggets couldn't stand up to Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets as McDonald's version fell flat when it came to taste and price. ButĀ could this new, Japanese-only take may have what it takes to restart the hype surrounding this menu offering? For now, chicken fans will have to cross their fingers and hope this limited-edition spicy chicken nugget tastes great and can make it to America.