The Gross Reason This Subway TikTok Is Going Viral

In 2017, certain Subway locations in the U.K. received an extremely low score for issues with hygiene standards. According to Daily Mail, the findings were highlighted in a documentary titled "Tricks of the Restaurant Trade" and it was revealed that several Subway restaurants got poor scores for not meeting expectations. 

According to Business Insider, the brand's official statement stated that 97% "of Subway stores that have been rated received the Food Standards hygiene rating of very good (5 out of 5), good (4 out of 5), or satisfactory (3 out of 5). All Subway stores are held to high food handling and cleanliness standards, and are subject to monthly inspections to ensure that our strict standards are met."

Meanwhile, Subway's official website claims that food safety is taken very seriously and all its employees must wash their hands properly and wear gloves when handling food. However, a TikTok video that was posted a few days ago is raising some questions.

Viewers are appalled

An annoyed Subway customer posted a TikTok video clip that revealed something alarming: An employee was using a dirty bucket to sanitize a knife before using it to cut sandwiches that were then served to customers. A self-proclaimed Subway employee provided some context and commented, "Subway worker! The water has sanitizer in it, [though] we never let the water get this bad where I work, the water is typically very clean." The water in the video was yellow and had chunks of food floating in it, per The Daily Dot

Others felt bad for the staff member who was yelled at, stating that this situation was not under their control. One TikToker wrote, "It's not his fault it's the company's fault," while someone else said, "Poor guy, he's trying ... that's not the way to go at this situation." Not everyone felt this way and a commenter mentioned that there are sinks at Subway restaurants that let employees clean buckets and other kitchen tools. They attributed this incident to "pure laziness."