You Can Soon See The World's Largest Skillet In A Tennessee Museum

Whether you happen across them spontaneously on a cross-country road trip or you center your whole vacation around them, American roadside attractions are the gifts that keep on giving. From the world's largest Jolly Green Giant statue in Minnesota to the world's largest Holstein cow statue in North Dakota (via Insider), this country's land is sprinkled with huge and sometimes unusual, man-made wonders just begging for you to get your photo taken in front of them. The latest in a long history of such structures just made its way down a stretch of Tennessee pavement.

Drivers on the Volunteer State's Interstate 59 were treated to a rare sight earlier this month. According to cookware manufacturer Lodge Cast Iron's recent tweet (with video!), motorists got an eyeful as the world's largest cast iron skillet was transported to "its home in the Lodge Cast Iron Museum." The museum is set to open later this summer in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, according to the company's website. Of course, the burning question on everyone's mind is — just how big is the world's largest cast iron skillet?

The world's largest cast iron skillet is over 18-feet long

When it opens, the highlight of the Lodge Cast Iron Museum will almost definitely be its really, really big skillet. According to the company's website, said skillet is over 18-feet long and weighs an impressive 14,360 pounds! Unfortunately, guests at the museum shouldn't get their hearts set on partaking in an epic omelet just yet. "This guy will just be for display purposes at our new museum," Lodge tweeted.

On the flip side, Lodge Cast Iron Museum boasts plenty of attractions that don't involve pan-frying giant meals. The hearty cookware manufacturer has been in business in South Pittsburg since 1896, so there is plenty of history to explore. According to the company's website, the museum will feature a "recreation of the foundry experience" and also provide a look into the "uses of cast iron from campfire to the kitchen" with a highlight on Southern cooking. Naturally, there will also be a gift shop where you can likely purchase a cast iron skillet that won't require a semi-trailer to transport back to your own kitchen.