The Queen Is Launching A Condiment Line. Here's What We Know So Far

In news no one saw coming, Queen Elizabeth II is launching a condiment line. Yeah, you read that sentence right. Her majesty will be plastering her namesake on condiment bottles. While you ruminate upon this news, let's look back at some of Queen Elizabeth's other interesting and delicious products that have come to fruition over the years, because being the head of a monarchy, a wife, mother, and grandmother clearly hasn't kept her busy enough.

Staying on par with her country's bodacious work-social life balance, her majesty has launched a full line of alcoholic beverages and spirits over the years, from wine to beer and gin, too. The first of these was Windsor Vineyard English Quality Sparkling Wine, which hit shelves in 2016. It was a byproduct of a partnership between the queen and UK's largest wine retailer, Laithwaite's, who planted the vineyard in Windsor Great Park near Windsor Castle, according to Daily Mail. Four years later Buckingham Palace Gin was born, a dry gin with herbal notes pulled right from her majesty's gardens in Buckingham Palace, per Food & Wine. Just last year, she added beer to her alcohol portfolio. The Daily Mail revealed that the two bottled beers, a bitter and a golden IPA, could be purchased in the Sandringham Estate gift shop. But now, she's moving onto condiments.

These royal spreads will cost a pretty penny

Things are getting saucy across the pond! Royal Estates condiments is Queen Elizabeth II's newest business venture, according to Food & Wine. Her majesty is kicking off her condiment line with two flavors, one that mimics the taste of ketchup and another that'll serve as the British cousin of A1 sauce. The outlet reports that the tomato sauce (which is more or less what Americans know as ketchup) will include hints of dates, apple juice, and spices. The second sauce, dubbed "brown sauce," will possess the similar vinegary taste of A1 sauce but with a thicker, ketchup-like texture.

The condiments will join the company of Buckingham Palace Gin and the queen's beer line at Sandringham in Norfolk, one of the Queen's many estates. While we don't yet know when eager fans and foodies will be able to get their hands on a bottle of tomato or brown sauce, we do know they'll have to fork over a hefty penny. Both bottles are retailed at an appalling price of £6.99, which equates to about $9.50 in USD. If you're a condiment lover stateside, you're probably aware that you can get two or three bottles of Heinz ketchup or A1 sauce for that price. But hey, it's a cool piece of memorabilia if anything, right? Royal Estates condiments will be available for purchase on the Sandringham Royal Estate online shop.