Apparently, Some Chick-Fil-A Locations Have Cheese Sauce

Whether you're a Chick-fil-A fanatic that has been devouring the delicious chicken for years, or you only frequent the fast food restaurant on special occasions, you probably know most, if not all, of the entrees, sides, and sauces offered by the chain. Sure, the Georgia-based eatery shakes things up every once in a while with new menu additions, like the mac & cheese that made its nationwide debut in 2019 (via The Chicken Wire). More times than not, however, you're going to know precisely what you'll see listed on the menu board when you step up to place an order. So, imagine our surprise when we found out that there's a select group of Chick-fil-A locations doling out cheese sauce – yes, cheese sauce for customers to enjoy.

Reddit user @mrshollyscott was the inadvertent bearer of the news when they inquired about the whereabouts of the secret sauce in a recent post entitled, "Cheese sauce — gone?" The Redditor explained that the add-on was suddenly unavailable at their local Chick-fil-A after being offered for nearly two years, and wondered if anybody knew of a reason for its disappearance. However, it turns out that most people, just like us, were unaware of its existence altogether.

Where to find Chick-fil-A's mystery cheese sauce

It's no secret that Chick-fil-A's condiment game is on another level. However, some of its locations offer a surprise cheese sauce in addition to the usual mix of dips and dressings. According to Delish, it's made of a Swiss and Parmesan mixture and comes in a three-ounce serving for the price of $1.19.

The sauce made its way into select restaurants as early as 2012. As noted by Delish in 2019, a total of 436 locations in the Midwest and Northeast were offering it as an add-on by then. Evidently, only Chick-fil-A lovers residing in those regions are worthy of dousing their nuggets and waffle fries in creamy melted cheese. And to make you even more envious of those lucky enough to live near one of these restaurants, Buzzfeed gave the cheesy dip a glowing review, with one reporter going as far as to call it "near-perfect."

If you're just now finding out about Chick-fil-A's elusive cheese sauce, don't worry, you're not alone, as several Redditors said that this recent post was their first time hearing about the product. As for its disappearance from the Redditor's local restaurant, some chalked it up to supply chain issues, while another suggested that the location's operator may have chosen not to stock the sauce anymore. If the latter is the case, we're hoping others won't follow suit. At least, not until we all get a chance to try it for ourselves.