Ree Drummond's Daughter Shares Heartwarming Birthday Tribute To Dad Ladd

The Drummond family might be annoying if they weren't so gosh darn sweet. Even mentioning the word "annoying" in the same breath as the Drummonds feels wrong, as if you've insulted the Easter Bunny or tied the Tooth Fairy's shoelaces together. The wholesome family, led by matriarch Ree Drummond, of "The Pioneer Woman" fame, truly seems like the personification of that old saying: the family that eats, cooks, tends cattle, and films a cooking show together, stays together.

In the latest display of delightful behavior, the eldest Drummond daughter, Alex, posted a loving Instagram tribute to her father and Ree's husband, Ladd Drummond, on his birthday, and it's a three-tissue issue. While Alex doesn't cite a specific age, it seems that this birthday, for her, stands out more than most in part due to the tough year the Drummonds have had; dad Ladd Drummond in particular. 

The cowboy and Ree's sometimes-personal-trainer was involved in a terrible accident on the ranch last year, fracturing his neck in two places (via The Pioneer Woman). And with his daughter's wedding just a few short months later, wedding planning for Alex became less about chair covers and more about neck braces, according to The Pioneer Woman. Alex's sentimental post for Ladd's birthday came at the almost one-year mark since the accident. With their experiences together looming large in her message, Alex made one thing abundantly clear: "I am just feeling extra thankful for him."

'Good egg' Ladd gets the social media birthday treatment

"Dad, if you ever read this (probably off of mom's phone, haha)," Alex Drummond writes in her Instagram tribute to dad Ladd Drummond, "happy birthday! Love you so much." Her sign-off is preceded by memories, observations, and affirmations of the Marlboro Man, including a story about him convincing Alex and her sister to read the Bible in 90 days with him. ("While we maybe weren't the biggest fans of it at the time," Alex admits, "I'm so thankful for the faith he instilled in us.") Rather than linger on what Alex refers to as the "loss and hardship" Ladd has experienced, Alex commends her father – "Laddy Daddy" being his obvious and affectionate nickname – for always showing up for his people.

Besides simply being impressed with the biblical (ha!) achievements Alex mentions, commenters on the post were touched by her words. "What a wonderful tribute to your father," one user wrote, while another said, "Love this Alex Marie!!!" Loads of birthday wishes for Ladd poured in as well, of course, and some commenters referred to Ladd as a "good egg" (which feels appropriate, given that he works on a farm and his wife is a celebrity chef). Mom Ree was clearly touched as well, reposting Alex's photo and tribute in her stories with a crying gif. Social media shout-outs from a family that wears matching PJs at Christmastime (via People) might not be terribly surprising, but it damn sure is sweet.