Amanda Freitag Is Back On TikTok And Fans Are Overjoyed

Celebrity chef and TV personality Amanda Freitag has fostered an impressive presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where she makes it a point to regularly interact with her fans and share interesting updates to keep them engaged. As one example, she recently posted images of coffee mugs on Instagram alongside the caption, "Every Sunday evening I'm going to start posting something that brings me inspiration, or that I hope inspires you. It could be food, a recipe, a person, a song, a book ... anything! Tonight I'm thinking about the rich coffee I love in Italy, and hoping it brings some inspo to this week's cooking."

One of the most-liked comments on the post called the initiative "beautiful," while another comment was full of gratitude, and said, "Chef Amanda, we need these posts, to let us know all of us are in this together, thank you." Another fan went on to add that Sunday evenings are now going to be their "favorite" nights every week, thanks to the chef. Freitag has more good news for her social media fans: She has revealed in a Tweet that she's back to posting on TikTok where she plans to spread even more joy.

Her fans are super excited about seeing Freitag on TikTok again

Understandably, Amanda Freitag's update on TikTok (shared via Twitter) has already generated plenty of excited responses from fans. In the shared video, the chef posed with a giant knife while the overlaying text seemingly announced her re-entry on the platform alongside the words, "It's Chef Freitag." 

One person couldn't help expressing their dilemma about rejoining TikTok themselves just to see Freitag's upcoming content, and wrote, "I really tried to stay off TikTok but y'all got me all confused!!!" Meanwhile, another fan told Freitag, "Looking dangerous with that knife AF!" 

Of course, this isn't the chef's first time on TikTok — though she hasn't been very active on it since she first joined the platform in May 2020. She posted a video clip at the time, displaying placards that read, "I joined TikTok to tell you ... you've been 'Chopped'" (seen on Twitter). A diehard fan posted words of appreciation for the chef and said, "This is so awesome and I just have to say, in the past few months, I've come back to Twitter and joined Tik Tok just because of you. All because I think you're exceptionally talented as a chef and have a wonderful personality."