McDonald's UK Discontinued Two Breakfast Items And Fans Are Upset

One of the greatest novelties for McDonald's fans comes in the form of the chain's diverse array of international menu offerings. According to MyRecipes, the chain's breakfast menu outside of the United States goes far beyond hash browns and McGriddles. For example, New Zealanders who visit McDonald's in the morning can pick up a savory Georgie Pie Bacon 'N' Egg that stuffs scrambled eggs and bacon into a square-shaped pastry, while Brazilian customers can grab a Queijo Quente Do Chef that comes warm cream cheese, Emmental, tomato, and oregano in a hamburger bun.

Not all of these breakfast item stick around forever, though, which has recently bummed out some McDonald's diners throughout the United Kingdom. A Twitter post from McDonald's U.K. reads, "Bad news: Bagels and Breakfast Wraps are officially gone from the menu. Good news: You can get a McMuffin for 99p today via the McDonald's App. ... you're still thinking about the bad news, aren't you?" The social media account seems to have guessed correctly, as several followers flooded the thread with incredulous replies.

Another fast food chain is trying to console McDonald's U.K. breakfast fans

Diners couldn't believe the news from McDonald's U.K. and flooded the account's Twitter announcement with wounded comments. "You won McDonald's,Enjoy the mcmuffin I hope it makes you very happy, dear lord what a sad little life McDonalds, you ruined my day completely," wrote one particularly disgruntled customer. Another had more inquisitive feedback about the chain discontinuing its breakfast bagels and wraps. "Can you at least tell us why they aren't coming back? You removed them when you re-opened after the first lockdown. We assumed it was due to space in the kitchen," they wrote. 

Another breakfast lover responded, "I've had a craving for a bagel for the past 2 years and now it will never be satisfied." Tim Hortons U.K. saw this as a promotional opportunity and fired back, "We are sorry to hear about your ​break-up, but we've heard Breakfast Wraps & Bagels have already moved on," referencing its recent Twitter post announcing that "Breakfast Wraps & Bagels are here to stay at Tim Hortons." The Canada-based chain cheekily offered "a shoulder to cry on for anyone struggling" with the recent menu change at McDonald's — and it even threw in a hash brown and drink along with the breakfast combo.