Gordon Ramsay Just Gave This NFL Team A Shoutout

Gordon Ramsay is known for his love of "football" (aka soccer) in the U.K., but it appears he's a fan of American football as well. Tweeting after Sunday night's big playoff matchup, the celebrity chef said, "What a game! Congrats to the @Chiefs ... I'm always a call away." Ramsay is, of course, referring to the Kansas City Chiefs 42-36 win in overtime against the Buffalo Bills (via Chicago Tribune) in what the NFL is calling a record-setting game. "Tonight's Bills-Chiefs contest was the first playoff game in NFL history with 3 go-ahead touchdowns scored in the final 2 minutes of regulation" (@NFLResearch said on Twitter). To say it was a "nail biter" game is putting it mildly, and Chef Ramsay enjoyed watching as much as we all did. 

Fan Group Daily Ramsay even shared an illustrative video on social media that definitely backs up Ramsay's Tweet where he positions himself to "tag in" for game time — the video shows him kicking an American football with some talent and remarking, "Evidence speaks for itself." The clip appears to be from the time that Ramsay practiced American-style punting on the field with the Baltimore Ravens (via The Global Herald), learning under the tutelage of the teams punter (and NFL Super Bowl Champion) Sam Koch. While Ramsay may not be quite ready for the NFL draft, he made sure to highlight a few soccer skills during this visit as well. Though, hopefully, Baltimore isn't too sad that the star chef is cheering on the Chiefs right now.

Chef Ramsay is just as much a fan of food as he is football

Fans of both food and football are enjoying Gordon Ramsay's latest Tweet. A follower of both the Chiefs and Ramsay responded to the celebrity's post and said, "Chef Ramsay, now I have to change the name on my uniform from Montana to Ramsay ...?" while sharing a picture of their favorite jersey (via Twitter). For the record, we'd also support a "Team Ramsay" — go team foodie!

Another fan shared what sounds like a simply fantastic idea to us and suggested, "The Chiefs should rename themselves the Chefs and have you as their mascot." We definitely agree that anyone that can pull of the perfect risotto as often as Ramsay does could play well under pressure. Yet another watcher noted that perhaps the celebrity chef could improve the competition and asked, "Can you cook up some new OT rules?" We'd certainly agree that Ramsay knows how to handle competition after all the seasons of fierce competitors on "Hell's Kitchen."

But, when it comes down to it, we simply all love to see people performing at their best, whether food or football. Enjoy the latest shoutout on your road to the championships, Chiefs!