Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited For Its Returning Chili Cheddar Cheese

When you want to put together a charcuterie board, Trader Joe's can serve as a one-stop shopping destination. According to Ain't Too Proud To Meg, the grocery chain offers up a wide selection of cheeses perfect for this platter, ranging from the store's brie and Unexpected Cheddar to its aged gouda and Boursin. While these dairy products have hit their mark with customers, one returning favorite has made waves and may rank as an even more popular cheese option.

Instagrammer @traderjoesaficionado spotted Trader Joe's signature Cheddar Cheese with Scotch Bonnet Chili and Red Pepper at their local store and posted the find online. They captioned the closeup, "SEASONAL It's back! Cheddar Cheese with Scotch Bonnet Chili and Red Peppers. It's back!!! This one is a spicy one. I love this in a quesadilla or grilled cheese!" Followers reflected the sentiment and responded to share their own excitement about the cheese.

A ton of love for this fan-favorite cheese

@Traderjoesaficionado's Instagram post saw a ton of love for the returning cheddar variety. Ecstatic comments ranged from "Yummmm! Must try" to "this looks so good." Others already had recipes in mind, with one user replying, "Would love to make some jerk chicken Mac and cheese." Others wished they could try the product, lamenting, "Sounds delish but, I can no longer eat [hot] chilis, as I have aged, I find they really play havoc with my stomach."

But while Instagram users love this cheese, the rest of the internet feels split when it comes to this ingredient. Over on Trader Joe's Reviews, one user picked up the find after hearing great things about it, but then commented, "I tried several pieces hoping to get cooling cheddar flavor ... punctuated by pepper spices. Got neither. Too mild a cheddar taste and a total absence of any spice. Where did I go wrong?" Another user flat-out hated the flavor, saying, "This cheese is terrible. No heat from the peppers and way too sweet." 

Still, some fans are excited to see if this cheese can stack up to the excited comments or to find a recipe that can take advantage of its flavors. With any luck, fans may just find their new favorite type of cheddar.