What Makes Gordon Ramsay's New Boston Restaurant So Unique

Gordon Ramsay may be most well-known these days as a television star, as the host of "Hell's Kitchen," as well as "Next Level Chef," and "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," among many others. But he really is a restaurant chef first and foremost, and he's got the eateries to prove it. Ramsay has restaurants all over the world, from the Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, per his official website. But his latest venture, which will be opening any day now at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, is a little different than his other dining establishments.

The restaurant is called Ramsay's Kitchen. According to the Instagram page, it will be opening up in January of 2022, and rather than exclusively serving the British fine dining food that the star chef is mostly known for, Ramsay's Kitchen will be "a first-of-its-kind dining experience featuring Chef Ramsay classics, twists on favorites, and local fare, inspired by Gordon Ramsay's global travel," according to the bio on Instagram. So what, exactly, can diners expect?

A sneak peek at the brand-new Ramsay's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is pretty famous for his signature dish, beef Wellington. If you're a diehard Ramsay fan, you'll be excited to know that the dish is still on the menu at his new Boston spot, Ramsay's Kitchen. One Instagram fan even shared, "I literally got vaccinated so I could go to Boston and eat his beef Wellington." But the celebrity chef will also be focusing on local favorites, which, in New England, means seafood. Posted on Instagram with the hashtag "comingsoon," the restaurant shared an image of two lobster rolls loaded with plenty of sweet and succulent lobster meat. In the caption, they posed the question, "How do you like your lobster roll ... Maine-style or Connecticut-style?" Luckily, diners won't actually have to choose, as Ramsay's Kitchen is serving up both (via the official website).

Ramsay seems to be really getting into the local food scene in preparation for the restaurant's opening this month. He even went lobster sourcing, farmed oysters, and dove for mussels to get more in touch with the Boston seafood scene (via Instagram). "I absolutely love the energy of Boston and consider it a premier dining destination in the country," Ramsay said in another post. But diners will also get more global flavors at his new restaurant too, with dishes like tamarind-glazed chicken wings, king crab sushi rolls, char siu-glazed maitake mushrooms with miso aioli, and chickpea tikka masala sharing space with classics like chicken pot pie and fish and chips. It seems to be the new Gordon Ramsay infused with the old — and it sounds delicious!