Jeni's Bizarre New Ice Cream Flavor Is Inspired By This Breakfast Food

When you were little, did you ever think to yourself, "I can't wait until I'm a grown-up, because then I can eat ice cream any time I want"? If so, then your dreams are about to come true. That's because the concept of breakfast ice cream is finally here. We're not talking about fancy blended coffee drinks — Jeni's Ice Cream, which is known for its unconventional flavors like Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Pistachio Macaron, just announced their newest flavor, and it's perfect for that morning sweet tooth.

Jeni's describes the new flavor, Maple Soaked Pancakes, as a "swirl of mouthwatering, salted butter and Vermont maple syrup ice creams with fluffy pancake bites" (via PR Newswire). The limited-edition flavor is available now in pints in Jeni's scoop shops and online, and it will be available in scoop form at Jeni's scoop shops beginning on January 31. While you could just eat the ice cream for dessert, Jeni's suggests that customers enjoy it on Ice Cream for Breakfast day on February 5. The brand is hoping that enough people will post photos of themselves eating ice cream for breakfast using the hashtag #IceCreamIsBreakfast to set a world record for the most people eating ice cream for breakfast at the same time.

Fans are excited to try the new flavor

Jeni's Ice Cream has quite the following. Andrew Zimmern is a fan of the brand's Dolly Parton-inspired flavor Strawberry Pretzel Pie, and Katy Perry and Bethenny Frankel are also fans of the brand (via Today). Jeni's Instagram post about the new flavor got more than 11,000 likes, so it's safe to say they can count a lot of regular folks as fans, too, and people sound pretty excited about the new Maple Soaked Pancakes flavor. 

"I can't think of a better ice cream flavor," said one fan, while another stated, "This is right up my alley! I need to find this!" Many fans shared a simple, exclamatory "OMG" on the post. The reviews are also already rolling in. One commenter said, "Just tried this last night – it does in fact taste exactly like eating pancakes. MIND BLOWN." Your childhood dreams of eating ice cream for breakfast make a whole lot more sense when the ice cream in question tastes like pancakes.