We Finally Know How Many Shots Are In A Bottle Of Liquor

Ever wonder how many shots are in the average bottle of liquor? Well, you are not alone, and that is something we wanted to get a definite answer for. We have all been in a situation where that bottle of tequila is halfway gone after a few rounds of shots and are suddenly left wondering if there is enough liquor left in the bottle to make that oh so crucial pitcher of margaritas for any remaining guests.

Well, leave it to the ever-diligent Mashed team to set your fears at ease and give you all the information you need to know to make sure you have all the alcohol you need for your next holiday celebration or party with friends and family. Whether your preference is vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, or one of those "oh so popular" candy, coffee, or fruit-flavored liquors, keep reading to learn the rules for how many shots you can get out of a standard 750 mL bottle of spirits.

The truth about how many shots are in a typical bottle

It goes without saying that for most people a shot of alcohol is a "fluid" experience that often depends on who is pouring, who is drinking, and what alcoholic beverage is being consumed. We have all had the experience of either being poured too much or too little booze. But fear not, there are actually industry standards we can use as a guide.

According to Leaf TV, an average bottle of liquor weighs in at about 750 mL or 25.36 fl oz, and you should generally be able to garner around 17 shots from a bottle. When visiting a restaurant or bar, a standard shot should clock in at 1.5 fl oz, but we all know that's not necessarily the case when pouring shots at home. This is true whether you are drinking straight shots of whiskey, vodka, gin, or anything else under the sun as long as it is in a 750 mL bottle. Knowing the 17 shot threshold should be a good guide to ensure that you get the most shots out of each bottle, even if eye-balling it. 

The wonderful thing about this information is that works no matter what you are drinking or who you are serving. It ensures that you can effectively gauge how many bottles of alcohol you need to stock up on at your next party so that you can ensure that everyone gets a fair "shot."