TikTok Is Applauding This Employee's McDonald's Tips

In the U.S. restaurant industry, tips can go both ways. It's custom for patrons to tip a server for a job well done, while the server can offer a tip by way of spilling some tea on how to get the most out of a dining experience. These secrets told by restaurant workers may not have a monetary value, but can provide invaluable information — and fast food is no exception. A priceless tip that may save you from severe disappointment is a McDonald's employee who whispers that a McFlurry, which should be well-blended, has the Oreo add-in mushed together in a sad lump at the bottom of your cup. 

TikTok user @motheraangel is providing tips to fellow TikTokers who might be in search of the freshest fries or fast food burger. The platform user, who also goes by "Ashton," is a self-proclaimed employee of McDonald's who utilizes social media to divulge the secrets of the golden arches. In a recent video labeled "fun facts about McDonald's," Ashton begins by dropping a hot, salty bomb on "that life hack" that some McDonald's patrons swear by. Using air quotes around the term "life hack" for emphasis, she claims it's nonsense that you'd "get a fry with no salt, ask for salt at the window, and you get a fry fresh." Rather, she notes, if you simply ask for fresh fries, McDonald's will make them.

The fresh tips have fans nodding in agreement

While we can't confirm when the rumor about ordering salt-free fries began, a Reddit post dating back 10 years claims "My uncle orders his McDonald's fries with no salt, so he always gets them fresh." TikTok user @motheraangel quashes the fresh fry hack and offers even more tips in the video captioned "ur welcome."

The TikToker, shown in a headset and appearing to be working while filming, shares another hot tidbit. "Quarter meat is fresh. It's in a fridge, it's not frozen. It's cooked to order every time." The rant goes on, noting that the evening is better for getting fresh food, as after 10 p.m. everything is cooked to order.

The trending video has garnered 1.3 million likes with 11,800 comments so far and while you'll notice many confirming the claims with reactions like "THIS, I work at McDonald's and I wish more people knew this," and "As an ex-McDonald's employee I vouch for this," there are some other comments taking center stage. 

The broken ice cream machine seems to outshine all things McDonald's related. "Okay this helps alot but the ice cream still pisses me off," "Bruh they never be mixing my mcflurry," and "one time I ordered a McFlurry and I swear the machine blew up ice cream all over the poor worker." While un-fresh fries may be an occasional complaint, we can all relate to the disappointing ice cream issues that commonly plague McDonald's.