Chips Ahoy!'s New Product Is Perfect For Ice Cream Lovers

Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream might go better together than even cookies and milk. The marriage of the two sweets even gave birth to the Chipwich — an ice cream sandwich loaded with chocolate chips, per Serious Eats. Now Chips Ahoy! has a new product that might just change the way you think about chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.

The official Chips Ahoy! Instagram page recently posted an image of a mashup of ice cream and their signature cookie alongside a caption: "The winter chill won't stop us from enjoying this NEW treat! Introducing Chips Ahoy! frozen treat!" Fans loved the new flavor and responded with gems like "That looks really good yum yum," and "So sweet and amazing Chips Ahoy! is the greatest Cookie Ice Cream." One astute follower even noted, "Hmmm you drop this the same time Oreo dropped theirs."

This new dessert now has the potential to expand the Chips Ahoy! product line and give sweet-toothed customers what they want — a brand new cookie-filled ice cream.

A new take on cookie ice cream

Chips Ahoy! has dabbled in ice cream territory in the past. Nestlé advertises that their cookie brand released a chocolate chip cookie ice cream previously in Canada. While this creation may have served as a prototype for the American version, one can hope the new take has been tweaked a bit. The Canadian version left some dessert aficionados feeling buyer's remorse, as several reviews of the product wished it contained more cookie bits. Meanwhile, IGA sells signature Chips Ahoy! ice cream sandwiches that feature bits of cookie and chocolate chips in every serving.

Hopefully, the cookie company can combine the best of both worlds and launch an ice cream that can get everyone on board. In the meantime, make sure to cross your fingers and hope that the Chips Ahoy! ice cream packs in enough cookie bits to please everyone — and keep an eye out for reviews when the product officially launches.