TikTok's Filet Mignon Song Meme Explained

Been on TikTok lately? Chances are you've seen videos featuring a hot new jam that talks about filet mignon. Except, it's not a new jam at all. In fact, considering the age of many TikTok users, it's practically ancient. The song that many young social media users are calling the "filet mignon song" actually goes by a completely different name: "Love Me," released way back in January of 2013 courtesy of rapper Lil Wayne. The track also features rap and R&B stars Future and Drake, says HITC. It was a featured track on Lil Wayne's "I Am Not a Human Being II" album, and it peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 9.

Most of the time, TikTok makes songs famous through challenges or dances, but this one seems to have resurfaced randomly from virtual oblivion. There's no doubt that other artists would love for an old song to be revived in the same way — so they could afford to buy even more cuts of filet mignon. Speaking of which, those meaty words are referenced only once throughout "Love Me."

How filet mignon plays into the song lyrics

The part of "Love Me" that TikTok users are currently fixated on is Lil Wayne's line, "Got that A1 credit and that filet mignon." It's pretty standard for rappers to talk about their luxe lifestyles, so the mention of the choice cut of meat is definitely on brand. Filet mignon comes from a small part of the cow's spinal area, so its relative rarity makes it more desirable than many other parts, per Omaha Steaks. It's also one of the more tender beef cuts because it's found in the tenderloin, which is a largely unused muscle. Pleasant in flavor but low in fat, it can very easily become dry if overcooked, so it's a high-risk, high-reward purchase.

Thanks to Lil Wayne's resurfacing hit, this luxury steak dish is getting a lot of press these days. (The song is definitely NFSW, though, so maybe don't blast it on the job.) People who want to learn how to cook filet mignon at home can check out this TikTok instead, although the fact that it's set to a different song feels like a missed opportunity. Perhaps a remix is in order?