A Woman Reportedly Found A Gross Surprise In Her McDonald's Chicken Bacon Wrap

Fast food can sometimes be a bit of a toss-up in terms of sanitary status. It's a fairly frequent complaint from some customers that they found something unsanitary in their food. For example, TikTok showed a Subway location's use of a seemingly dirty bucket as a means to clean a knife before cutting into sandwiches. Another TikTok video showed how a meal at Olive Garden horrified one customer in particular when he found a large bug in a spoonful of his soup. 

McDonald's has been the bearer of a few cleanliness complaints over the years, from speculation about how often their McCafe coffee machines are cleaned on Reddit to the process they use to make their chicken McNuggets, which some people find unappetizing (via NPR). While these alleged issues are broader, the most recent complaint about McDonald's is in response to a specific incident at one location, where an unsuspecting woman reportedly found a surprise in her food.

Would you like flies with that?

While it might be punny to joke about flies and fries, a McDonald's customer was not laughing when they allegedly ordered a McDonald's chicken and bacon wrap and instead of being able to dig in, they had to toss it out because of a spider. USA Today reported that Katie Moss, a 21-year-old care assistant, purchased a meal at a McDonald's in England, bit into her chicken and bacon wrap, and found something harder than normal while she chewed. When she looked to see what it was, she realized a spider was the culprit. 

She was almost finished with the wrap when she found it, and noted, "At first I thought it was the end of a tomato, so I pulled it out, and at first I thought it was just part of the chicken, but when I looked closer, I thought it was a crab, then I realized it was a spider." This sounds like a situation that could easily be anyone's nightmare come true!