How Chick-Fil-A Employees Really Feel About Standing Outside In Extreme Weather

Working for a giant fast-food chain like Chick-fil-A can be a life-changing experience, depending on whom you ask. For a self-proclaimed former Chick-fil-A worker, the gig was such an interesting opportunity that they wrote an entire blog post about the experience (via Medium). They mentioned that the gig started when they were 16 years old and called it "the best first job" they could have gotten. "It's a fast-paced environment, which holds its employees to very high standards. Working there has shaped my work ethic in the best way, and given me the skills needed to succeed as I move forward in my career," they wrote.

That said, not everyone feels the same way, which makes sense considering that it's the fast-food industry, filled with high pressure situations and short deadlines. Redditors are currently discussing the perils associated with working outside in extreme weather conditions on the r/ChickFilAWorkers subreddit and have some scary anecdotes to share.

Redditors have plenty of stories

A self-proclaimed Chick-fil-A employee ranted a few days ago on Reddit about how difficult it is to work outside when it's cold and there is little respite from the weather. They wrote that customers have noticed their discomfort and said things like, "Omg you poor thing your hands are shaking!!" The Redditor also wondered why Chick-fil-A doesn't have a better strategy to help its employees cope on the job, such as introducing "frequent rotations" instead of subjecting them to the cold for several hours.

Many commentators could relate to this topic. Someone mentioned that layering correctly helps them stay warm, but they now have to deal with "new cash fanny pack things" while collecting payments, which makes it painful for them to be outside. "Working here in the winter REALLY makes me want to quit," the user added. Others have been luckier. One commentator said, "My location is really on top of things in this regard — we always have extremely nice jackets (parkas, if that's the name of them) available so people can be protected from the cold."

However, another person revealed that they were working in "25 degree weather" while wearing just a hoodie and a raincoat. When they brought this up with the owner, they were told that the heater will help them. The Redditor wrote, "That heater happens to be 8 feet in the air, so by the time it reaches me it's basically making no difference. I often get forgotten outside."