Buffalo Wing Fans Won't Want To Miss This Frank's Giveaway

NFTs are increasingly showing up in the culinary world as more companies jump on the bandwagon and experiment with digital art. Pizza Hut Canada, for instance, decided to launch its take on NFTs in March last year titled "1 Byte Favourites," which allowed fans to buy digital art of pizza (via Eater). 

Per Canada Newswire, Daniel Meynen, CMO, Pizza Hut Canada, said in a statement that the company wanted to "give fans another way to get their hands on their favorite Pizza Hut recipes, even if it's virtually."  He added that this was a "fun way" to share their favorites "on an emerging platform where people can truly appreciate the perfect pan pizza forever." The company wasn't alone: According to The Verge, Taco Bell also came up with "taco-themed GIFs and images" for its fans on the NFT platform, Rarible. The initial owners of the NFTs were entitled to a gift card from Taco Bell worth $500. 

Hot sauce brand Frank's RedHot plans to take things a little further and is launching edible NFTs (ENFTS), according to a press release sent to Mashed. Customers can look forward to a new "spoof cryptocurrency" called "Bonecoin" and participate in a fun challenge that will last until next month. 

Eat buffalo wings to earn Bonecoin

According to a press release sent to Mashed, Frank's RedHot's contest challenges its fans to eat as many buffalo wings as possible and upload photos online to get access to Bonecoin. The fan with the maximum number of Bonecoins will be awarded the brand's NFT coupled with a "real-life edible replica of the eNFT." 

NFL superstar and Frank's official ambassador Eli Manning will be seen handing out complimentary Frank's RedHot Wings in New York City until stocks last. The contest will run from January 27 to February 13 until the Super Bowl. In order to participate, fans need to scan photos of their chicken wing bones at Bonecoin.com.

The Vice President of Creative and Digital at McCormick, Alia Kemet said in a statement, "We're excited to be a first to offer an edible NFT, or what we're calling an eNFT. What better way to enjoy football than with your own Frank's wing art — both digital and edible."