The Big Problem Trader Joe's Fans Have With Its New Incredisauce

There just seems to be something special about dipping sauces that you can only get in restaurants. No matter how much a home chef might try to recreate the sweet, tangy, and delicious toppings, specialty sauces like Jack In the Box's secret sauce or the Chick-fil-A's popular signature dipping sauce just never seem to be the same at home. Which is perhaps why Trader Joe's new Incredisauce has been turning heads online.

One Instagram user made a post alerting their followers to the new "sweet, tangy, smokey flavored dipping sauce," which drew many comparisons to the Chick-fil-A sauce. "This looks like #traderjoes made a bottle of honey mustard for all your dipping needs! I bet this would pair perfectly with nuggets or fries!" @traderjoeslist captioned the post. One commenter replied, "chick fil a dupe!!" while another said the two products were "very similar!" "It tastes a lot like the chick fil a honey bbq sauce! More Smokey than the regular chick fil a sauce," agreed another follower.

However, not everyone was equally enthralled with the new Trader Joe's Incredisauce.

Shoppers took issue with the soybean oil and sugar content

Despite its name, many shoppers felt the new Trader Joe's Incredisauce contained a few less-than-incredible ingredients. "They use too much soybean oil," @kristinebobean complained, while @emfisch4 agreed "Soybean oil... ugh they just killed their product." While soybean oil does contain some Omega-3s, in large amounts it has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer's disease, depression, anxiety, and autism, per Science Daily.

Other shoppers also took issue with the high sugar content in the Incredisauce. Cane sugar is the second ingredient listed on the product, with one two-tablespoon serving of the sauce containing a significant eight grams of added sugar (via Instagram). Eating too much sugar is often associated with overeating in general, which leads to weight gain, which the UK's National Health Service says "increases your risk of health problems such as heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes."

There were many seemingly health conscious commenters who chimed in to ding the nutrition label on Trader Joe's new Incredisauce. "Water... sugar... not for me," replied @eatcleanwithneenz. "2nd and 3rd ingredients: Cane sugar, soybean thanks," posted another user. Although the sugar and soybean oil may certainly help the Incredisauce taste great, it does not necessarily make for the healthiest dipping sauce one can find on store shelves. Amid the sugar hate, however, another commenter did have a helpful suggestion, noting, "just like with everything 'moderation is key.'"