Sam's Club's Fan-Favorite Pineapple Spears Are Back In Stock

Sam's Club aims to provide its customers with high-quality products offered in bulk. And sometimes, fans will come up with entirely new uses for those items, especially the warehouse's food offerings. One such item that's been popular at Sam's Club in the past is the jar of Member's Mark Pineapple Spears (formerly Orchard Naturals Pineapple Spears in Light Syrup with Coconut Water). The product was so successful that it inspired a viral TikTok in March 2021, where fans upgraded the pineapple slices with a boozy twist. 

Fans had plenty of good things to say about the pineapple spears on Facebook, too. One person wrote, "Family loved these!! Taste soo good! Gotta buy more than one jar, lol." Another fan reminisced about eating the pineapple chunks mixed with cottage cheese and loving the "sweet treat fix."

If you've been wondering whether this item will be restocked, don't fret. It's official: The pineapple spears are back at Sam's Club.

A fan-favorite hack involves booze

Per a press release from Sam's Club provided to Mashed, the Member's Mark Pineapple Spears are now available in 42-ounce jars at Sam's Club outlets for $6.24. Per Sam's Club, each jar contains nine servings, and the pineapple pieces can work on their own or in fruit salads, smoothies, or with some butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon as a part of a caramelized glaze.  

In 2021, a video featuring the pineapple slices shared by TikTok user @officiallytracytime went viral and was viewed by millions of enthusiastic viewers. Fans were excited to try a hack with the pineapple spears and some Malibu rum for a boozy snack. A commentator joked, "The first time I ate those exact pineapples, this is the exact thought I had ... 'these are great but they could use some rum.'" Another fan praised the product and wrote, "Those pineapples are so delicious! I love it!" Whether or not the fruit slices are paired with alcohol, fans will be excited to see them back in the warehouse once more.