A KFC Fan Preserved Her Takeout Even As Her Car Flooded

The fast food chain KFC is a popular brand that has managed to attract a following around the globe. According to Forbes, the brand is worth at least $8.3 billion and has over 22,000 locations in 135 countries. A loyal fan, Kamlesh Mistry, left no stone unturned in proving his love for the restaurant and was awarded a spot in the KFC Super Fan Hall of Fame in 2020 after it was revealed that he has been to nearly 50 different KFC outlets in 40 countries, per Lad Bible

Mistry said that he discovered KFC as a curious 12-year-old in Toronto, Canada when his great-grandmother took him to the fast food joint for a quick bite. He stayed dedicated to the brand and said that he even made it a point to go to a KFC outlet in Hawaii with his wife on their honeymoon. Mistry said, "KFC, alongside my wife and son ... is my world. Whenever big, happy occasions happen in my life, KFC is never far away." Another fan in Australia recently proved how much she loves KFC after salvaging her food from a terrible flood (via TikTok).

The chicken was saved from the flood

The TikTok user uploaded a series of video clips on the social media platform after getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. According to Newsweek, she was stuck in a flooded creek in Southern Australia with just her car and a KFC takeout order for company. In hindsight, she admitted that she didn't anticipate that things would get out of control and said, "I knew there was rain coming, but I don't think any of us realized quite how much it was going to rain. Because it doesn't rain here very often." She was trying to head back home after celebrating a friend's birthday when she got stranded.

When she saw how serious the situation was, she attempted to salvage some of her stuff, including food from KFC, and said, "I'm trying to get all the stuff out, and I got KFC for my family so I was like, I better get this, because I guess that's important." She later revealed that she saved the chicken but her fries were ruined. She later ate the food on her car's hood while waiting for her loved ones to rescue her. 

The video has, of course, gone viral and TikTok users have a lot to say about the incident. One of the most-liked comments read, "At least you saved the KFC," while someone added, "@KFC should buy you a new car," with a laughing emoji. Another commenter couldn't resist and simply wrote, "Did somebody say KFC?"