You Could Win Free DiGiorno Pizza For Super Bowl LVI. Here's How

DiGiorno is well known for its tagline, which regularly mentions "it's not delivery," implying that the frozen pizza with the rising crust is so tasty you won't know the difference. And, with the Super Bowl on the horizon and temps falling in many parts of the country, what better option could there be for game day eats besides a tasty make-at-home meal? How about a FREE and tasty make-at-home meal from DiGiorno? That's right, the pizza giant says in a press release shared with Mashed that they once again are bringing back their Big Game/Pi Day promotion! 

"There's no greater matchup than pizza and football. In fact, the Big Game is huge for pizza lovers — it's a constant," Megan Smargiasso, DiGiorno Brand Manager, previously said. "We wanted to up the ante for this year's championship — and offer our fans a way to celebrate not only the Big Game, but also another natural pizza day in March." Of course, Smargiasso is referring to March 14, also known as Pi Day, which again plays a part in this year's giveaway during Super Bowl LVI.

Here's how you can get a free pizza

Here's how it works: DiGiorno will give away free pizzas if the score of the Super Bowl game matches the numbers of numerical pi (either 3-14 or 14-3) at any point during the game — not just the final score. But first you'll have to first head to this special campaign link to sign up and be eligible to win — starting February 6 and any time before the game starts on February 13.

In addition, there will be different sets of conditions that will also allow one hungry fan to win a full football season's worth of free frozen pizza. (A football season is apparently worth 267 pies, according to the brand.) Here's what you'll want to look out for, again tied to that numerical pi figure: Any player that "finishes the game with exactly 314 passing yards," stats showing total turnovers to be more than 3.14, and a scoring drive that lasts exactly 3 minutes and 14 seconds — again, at any point in the game. 

In their 2020 announcement of the deal, the brand shared Nielsen data noting that they sold "5 million pizzas" during Super Bowl week in 2019 (via PR Newswire). If their frozen pizzas were that big of a hit before the pandemic, just imagine how popular they'll be this year!