The Largest Burger Ever Ordered In In-N-Out History

When a craving for a juicy burger hits, you always know that there's never one too far away. From Burger King to Five Guys to McDonald's, this quintessential American dish is the foundation of numerous fast food joints around the country. Despite the fact that a burger only requires two simple ingredients, a beef patty and a bun, this staple entree never seems to go out of style. Whether you prefer yours piled high with toppings or with just plain cheese, there's a burger out there for everyone — including vegans and vegetarians. While this meat-based sandwich used to only appeal to carnivores, nowadays, many restaurants and fast food spots are concocting their own take on the plant-based burger.

There are so many things to love about this versatile meal, but one of the best parts is that it is incredibly filling. According to dietician Emily Field, it's the protein from the meat that keeps you full, while the carbohydrates from the bun keep you energized (via Insider). For some, the bigger the burger, the better it is. But how big is too big? We've all heard of the Double Double from In-N-Out, and they also happen to have a 3x3 and a whopping 4x4 burger (with three and four times the meat patties and toppings, respectively) on the menu. Well, it turns out that the largest burger ever ordered throughout In-N-Out history was a lot bigger than a 4x4 — a lot bigger.

Back in 2004, someone ordered a 100x100 from In-N-Out

From Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple to Burger King's Triple Whopper with Cheese, fast food chains have some impressively large burgers on their menus. But, nothing compares to the mammoth-sized one that Will Young ordered from a Las Vegas-based In-N-Out joint. In 2004, on the night of Halloween, the blogger from the Bay Area ordered a 100x100 burger (via The Mercury News). Yes, you heard that right, a 100x100, which is essentially a Double-Double with an additional 98 patties! The price tag on this burger? A whopping $97.66. Thankfully, Young did not consume the entirety of it alone as he was joined by seven of his friends. Unfortunately, for those who are hoping to imitate this endeavor, it is no longer possible. The largest burger you can order from In-N-Out is a 4x4.

While it's hard to imagine what a 100x100 may have looked like, or how it was made, bigger burgers have actually been created. According to Food & Wine and Stock and Barrel, the largest commercial burger ever sold was from Mallie's Sports Grille & Bar, a Detroit-based restaurant. The cheeseburger was 1,794 pounds and took four years to design. Unlike the 100x100, this burger remains on Mallie's menu, but it has a hefty price tag attached. Ordering one of these monstrosities will set you back $8,000.