Trader Joe's New Marinated Artichokes Are Turning Heads

Artichokes might seem like a daunting ingredient if you never used them before. According to Simply Recipes, you can eat this vegetable hot or cold, and the most basic preparation just requires you to trim the tips of the leaves off, slice the top of the artichoke off, and steam the vegetable. Trader Joe's now has an artichoke product that can bypass most of this hassle, and shoppers are all over it.

The popular Instagrammer, @traderjoeslist, recently stumbled upon this item and had to share the find on social media. Captioning the score with text reading, "NEW MARINATED ARTICHOKES ON THE GO $1.29. These tasty, on-the-go, quartered artichokes are marinated in olive oil, vinegar and a mix of seasonings. They're perfect for all your snacking and salad needs! Plus they're #glutenfree and #vegan!" 

The poster goes on to suggest cutting the artichokes up and adding them to your avocado toast with "a bit of feta for an extra savory bite!"

Artichokes on the go may be exactly what you need

Instagram users are going nuts over the Trader Joe's Marinated Artichokes On The Go packs, but many haven't even had a chance to taste them yet. Excited reactions to the post include "Ooh, I love this idea!! I'm a fan of the little olive pouches," and "I just saw these there today...should've gotten trip!" Others responded with, "Omg need these," and "Oh yum! I definitely want to try these!" One lucky shopper actually scored a package and shared on the post, saying "I cut them and topped my homemade pizza! Yum"

If you need a surefire way to cut the hassle out of preparing artichokes, this Trader Joe's item might be exactly what you're looking for. The word's still out on how they stack up against other marinated artichokes, but they definitely have shoppers excited and most say they can't wait to get their hands on them. Make sure you keep an eye out for this find on your next shopping trip and see if they live up to its online reputation.