Duff Goldman Fans Are Loving This Pic Of His Daughter Giving The Side Eye

Celebrity chef Duff Goldman never runs out of adorable content for his fans, thanks to his daughter Josephine. The chef was overjoyed when his kid was born last year and wrote a moving note for her on Instagram that read, "Her name is Josephine and she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the whole world. Some friends have told me that the love I'll experience when looking at my daughter will be different than anything I've ever experienced and they were totally right."

He added that he couldn't help talking to Josephine about all the amazing things she'll experience one day, such as pizza, candy, swimming, and live concerts. He said that his little kiddo enjoys listening to music and was born on January 31, 2021. He wrote, "I'm so in love I can't stand it. I have the two best ladies in the whole world."

Since then, Goldman has often delighted his fans with little glimpses of Josephine: For example, he posted a sweet picture of Josephine eating a cookie and wrote that she "stole a cookie for a demo... when nobody was looking." He also joked, "Bad. Bad baby," before adding that his daughter can't get enough cookies. One of the top comments defended Josephine and simply declared, "SHE'S INNOCENT!"

The chef has amused his fans once more with a new Josephine update. And this time around, she's giving her dad the side eye.

Fans are floored by Duff Goldman's picture

Duff Goldman didn't hesitate to capture a rare moment recently and put it up on social media for his fans. It was a priceless expression on Josephine's face as she gave her dad the side eye. The chef posted the picture on Instagram with the caption, "Josephine is not having any of my nonsense."

A fan had a brilliant suggestion and wrote that Goldman should hold onto the picture so that he can take another photo when she's 15-years-old. That way, he's bound to "have a priceless side by side" comparison of the two photos. Another commentator wrote, "She [is] like, 'Come on Dad.' Sooo CUTE!" Someone else wondered what Goldman had done to receive a disapproving look from Josephine and wrote, "Well, what did you do wrong? Clearly, something!" Several others said that Goldman's kid is really cute and a fan even joked that the chef will find out what Josephine really thinks once she stars talking. Meanwhile, a stunned commentator noted, "She looks exactly like you in this photo." Like father, like daughter, right?