Guy Fieri Has Some Tips For Your Super Bowl Menu

Celebrity chef and mayor of Flavortown Guy Fieri has some tips and not just the frosted kind. If the Super Bowl is the Thanksgiving dinner of the sports world, then the Super Bowl party is the stuffing, the gravy, and the pumpkin pie all rolled into one: you could technically have Thanksgiving without them, but what would be the point? Fieri is no stranger to Super Bowl parties, having hosted (and chef-ed) the Players Tailgate — an exclusive and expensive get-together — at the Super Bowl five out of the past six years (per Bullseye Event Group). A ticket to this year's Fieri-fest will set you back $875, but if that is a little more than you were looking to pay to drink in a parking lot, fear not: Fieri's got you covered.

"It's a big responsibility if you're hosting game day at your house," Fieri told GQ last December. "If everyone is showing up, you have to give them the goods. I do not believe those people walking in are expecting to see a packaged sandwich from somewhere that was made yesterday." So, while we call the grocery store and cancel an order real quick, why don't you grab a bag of chips and your scorecard and settle in for some Fieri Super Bowl tips? If you make cupcakes, you can even call them Fieri's Frosted Tips. We're not going to stop you.

Some Super Bowl dos and don'ts

Pitchers, sliders, pickles... for a day that's supposed to be all about football, there sure are a lot of baseball terms getting thrown around at Super Bowl parties. For Fieri, sliders are always top of mind (and menu), for their simplicity and make-ahead-ed-ness, as he explained to GQ last year: "I tell folks all the time not to spend your entire game day in the kitchen trying to take care of everybody." He goes on to say that sliders — like lobster rolls or the barbecue chicken ranch sambos he's done in the past — can be hot or cold, adding a little variety to the buffet. Plus, if you prep properly, they should only take about thirty minutes to plate and serve.

Whatever the weather, just don't be seduced by soup, Fieri told Delish. "Soup is not a great game day food ... People like festive food. People like to nosh on game day," he said. This time last year, E! News was instructing party hosts on how they could order Fieri's Trash Can Nachos directly to their homes for the Super Bowl — last year being what it was — so maybe making your own tower of tortilla chips a la the Flavortown politico would be a nice way to mark our progress through the pandemic. Whatever you do, take Fieri's advice and don't miss the fun (or the game) by being in the kitchen all day. Unless you're frosting those Frosted Tips cupcakes.